Radio Hexi’s facelift!

20 May

So you know how a few weeks/days/whatever ago i was talking about giving my blog a facelift?
well aside from changing the theme i mean.

well, it’s happened, and Radio Hexi is OFFICIALLY up and running! please visit it! :3

made the lay out myself! πŸ™‚

Massive thank you to Paul over at Hello!Blog for helping with codes etc.

See you on the other side!!! πŸ˜€ is no longer in use as of today. πŸ™‚


Hexi’s birthday!

20 May

Happy Birthday to me! XD

and to you know, everyone else born today! πŸ˜€

it’s also exactly 7 days until the H&A gig in Lahndahn, 5 until the H&A signing and 9 days until Expo. as is customary to this time i had my usual Expo dream.
I forgot my cosplay and had to make do with what i had. Β¬_Β¬ oh dear. but that won’t happen! i resfuse to let it!!! ><''

i have a week to work on my cosplay now. but then i have an essay and 2 mini people to make so…… :/

but anyways, YAY!!!!!

πŸ˜€ I'm old!! XD

H&A London gig FB event! ><''

17 May

made a facebook event for H&A’s london gig. if you’re going to it feel free to click “attend” and invite all your H!P friends yeah? XD


The countdown begins!

13 May


I’ve actually been counting down for a couple of weeks now but from now on it gets serious.

Today it is exactly 1 week until my birthday. and it is also exactly 2 weeks until Hangry & Angry gig in London!! πŸ˜€

Let’s hope my birthday this year is better than last year. my family forgot about my birthday last year! ;_;

this is a super exciting time for me. as much as i am not loving the idea of moving out of teenagerhood forever, i can’t help but be excited about, as cheesy as it sounds, the future.

I go to a brilliant uni, made some amazing friends, i love my course, made some great friends in the wotasphere, and although Momusu releases are getting a bit crap, the rest of H!P are getting some decent singles and albums. not to mention K-Pop is becoming a bigger part of my life too! things can only really get better.

… unless they graduated all my favourite H!P members at the same time and SNSD and f(x) get involved in a rather nasty coach crash or something… :/


it won’t happen! it won’t happen!

So apart from still feeling 15, i have no reason to dread turning 20. :3

so things to expect from my blog in the next few weeks/months/years/whatever (in no specific order):

~New layout! decided to make myself a new layout! bored of blue. time for some fecking PINK! XD

~ Photos of my current uni project and work. I’m really proud of my first proper costume so i’ll be whoring it out on here. XD

~ SNSD post : one of the biggest groups in my life right now. along with f(x) so i’ll be making a couple spam posts. XD

~Write up on H&A concert : expect pictures etc of everyone looking rather drunk/stupid. XD

~ Write up on the London MCM Expo…. i dont think i ever finished mine from october….. oops. but anyways, expect it to be here

~ Write up of Morning Musume weekend in Paris! That’s right folks! Hexi is going to paris! to see Momusu! at one of the biggest Eurpoean conventions! i’ve ALWAYS wanted to go! MM going was just the perfect excuse!! haha!

Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo!

12 May

The biggest song in my life right now is Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo sung by the adorable Momoiro Clover.

A fairly new unit as this is their first major debut song, they’ve made a pretty big impact on me ever since i was link to the video on youtube.

I’ve been deathlooping it ever since. it’s completely adictive!

SUCH a good song.

Favourite members: Shiori (Yellow) and Ayaka (Pink) :3

Pic spam time:

Keeps you’re eyes on these girls. i hav a feeling they’re gonna make it big! :3

La lalalalalala La!

10 May

La has arrived!

first lot of H!P merch i’ve bought in a long while but i just couldn’t pass up Sayu’s new PB! :3

i LOVE the photobooks Sayu does. she’s absolutely stunning and this one is no exception.
I’d have like to have seen more happy skippy pictures in this PB and it was all a bit serious and moody. and although she can do deep emotion pretty well, i always enjoy seeing a bright and happy Sayu. πŸ™‚

Absolutely favourite picture from the photobook. love the way the sand has like “collected” on her thigh. sooo hoot. *drool*


Hangry & Angry Q&A in London!

22 Apr


those of you who may not read Hello! Blog that regularly may not know this but at the London gig of H&A this May (in fact, all of the European gigs will have this chance), there will be a Q&A session at which 2 people from the audiance will be allowed to go UP ON STAGE and ask H&A a question directly!!!!!!

I’m sorry but as a massive Yossie fan i NEED to get up on stage and ask a damn good question!!

I’m sooo stuck though. been thinking all day long and i want to ask the most awesome question ever but have nothing. i know i have a good month or so but still. i would really quite like to have an amazing question! XD

if anyone has any suggestions then please don’t hesitate to comment or something if you don’t mind me possibly using them for inspiration/using them.

needless to say this has just made me EVEN MORE excited for May 27th!!!!!!