1 Oct

So i just spend like an hour on the header….. like? it’s fun to mess around on photoshop.

 anyways! welcome to Radio Hexi!

I’ll try to update everyday but i work alot so i might not. each post i’ll have a “song of the day” it’ll just be a fun/cute/awesome song that you guys can listen to and tell me whatcha think. just a fun little thing to get you into newer or different music. Today’s song is Dango Daikazoku a super cute song full of squishy rice cake things.

After work today i finally started work on my cosplay for MCM expo in london. I’m doing Baby Princess Peach because she’s just so cute! the dress will be a simple shift dress puffed out by a petticoat. i also got to work on her shoes, i’m chopping up a pair of old, fake crocs that i’ve never worn so expect strange things in the next few days. ^_^

well, mum’s calling me to come down for dinner so i’ll wrap this up. bye bye!


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