Hello world!

1 Oct

Welcome to Hexi’s blog!
Radio Hexi was formed after she was daydreaming as usual about random things and thought it would be cool to have an anime radio station that played anime music and reported on new releases and the such like.
As this was a particularly far fetched day dream, she decided to create this blog instead.

Hexi is an outgoing person who just loves anything japanese. she’s so close to being a weaboo that she constantly has to remind herself that she is still in the UK and not in Hexi-land after all. She never ever uses random japanese words in her sentences though.
Hexi loves to cosplay and i currently planning work on 4 new cosplays including Amulet Dia from Shugo Chara, Balloon Pikachu from Pokemon Snap, Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon and Kusumi Koharu’s CHANCE! dress.
Hexi LOVES Hello! Project and obsesses over Yoshizawa Hitomi. it’s kind of scary how much she loves her! She has stated many times that if Hangry and Angry do come on tour to the UK, the second dates are released she’s booking tickets. ^_^

Hexi would like to ask for everyone’s kindness and hopes that many people read and like her blog!


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