A Sad Day…

2 Oct

…Today has been very sad for me. My beloved hamster Comet has this awful sore on his belly, about 1 inch in diameter. he’s been on antibiotics for it but this evening he’s gone down rapidly in condition. He now cant walk properly, it’s awful to see him stumbling around in his cage. i’ve decided that hes been through enough suffering and we’re taking him to the vets tommorrow to be euthenised. it’s not what i want but it’s unbearable having him in so much discomfort and pain.
we’ve just chopped up a tiny bit of my dog’s sleeping pill to help him sleep tonight so he can’t feel anything. if he falls asleep that’s what we want but if he never wakes up that’s ok too. i know what needs to be done and if that comes from falling asleep tonight in his bed or in the little gas chamber at the vets, what matters is that he doesn’t hurt anymore.

mum called the emergency vets tonight to see how much it’ll cost to get it done tonight: £116 it’ll cost!! to blast some sleeping gas at a hamster! it costs £25 at our vets! so we’ve decided to wait till morning.
poor little guy. ill miss him terribly, he’s the last small animal i’m allowed until i finish uni (unless i’m allowed pets there) so i’ll be quite lonely without my little friends. dog’s don’t cut it somehow. i plan to get either rats or a guinea pig next though. always wanted rats, they’re so lovelly and lovable. we have some gorgeous ones at work right now, they’re beasts though because Jess the asst. manager keeps feeding them mini chedders…. too bad they love them. XD and everything else you give them actually…. in anycase, these guys are really friendly, Magnus, Mark and Alex…. they’ll sit on your shoulder for ages just watching you work. it’s great!
too bad they only live the same amount of time as hamsters….. but i’ve had enough of hamsters. i love them and all but they’re so bloody boring….. *sigh*

bought part of my cosplay today…… Dummies…. no seriously, baby peach sucks a dummy so i need one to complete the cosplay… the only thing is i can only buy them in packs of 2 or 3…. it was either a pack of 2 in kind of the wrong colours for 2.99 or a pack of 3 in the rigt colours for 2.74…… i’ll just chuck them out when i’m done… or keep one so i can do Pepe from Shugo Chara. ^^

Song of the day: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap


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