The Hectic One

3 Oct

So today at work was sooo hectic. the world and his wife came in to buy stuff! seriously! it was only me and my manager today and we had so much stuff to do. the animals are meant to be cleaned out in the morning but we had so much stuff to do they didn’t get done until after lunch!
so annoying. customers are idiots sometimes. seriously. a guy bought a big bag of dog food and after having to get it from the middle of the pile he left the bag that was on top right in the middle of the aisle. didn’t bother to prop it up or anything. fucking idiot. i’m sorry but seriously people, try and HELP the staff in shops. pick up what you drop. we have better things to do than pick up after you. and don’t let your kids loose either while you have a mothers meeting. mean while without you knowing they are screaming into the animals’ cages and mixing the guinea pig and bird food together in the food bins. put them on leads or something for god’s sake….

i bought myself a camera today, because the family one we have is S.h.i.t.e. we went to buy it for my photography GCSE because my previous one broke. we were looking at a really nice camera that had everything i needed and then dad saw the one that came with the cute little photo printer for £50 cheaper. “let’s get this one instead!” he said. We’ve used the printer 3 times and the camera is frankly… worse than anything i’ve ever seen. it EATS battery power, one of the buttons doesn’t work not to mention its completely F.ugly.
so my new samsung one is nice and pink and has anti-blur and up to 9 face detection and everything! yay! ^^ now i can take decent photos at Expo!
the only thing is, it uses AA batteries so i need to get some re-chargable ones. ^^

Song of the Day : Out of the Blue by Delta Goodrem


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