We have Liftoff!

4 Oct

I FINALLY started work on the dress today! XD took me long enough. the understitch on my sewing machine is all loose and weird though and i can’t find my manual to fix it…… oh well.
also almost finished my shoes too. just a pair of chopped up crocs but it’s taken much more time that i thought to get it all finished!
dunno how i’m gonna do the sleeves so they don’t die on me like that last cosplay i did with sleeves…… hmm
we’ll see.
Only 19 days left to get this all done! (i’m not keeping track i just counted on my calendar)

Last night Comet had to be put down, i was very sad but i know it was the right thing to do. his wound was way too big for him to have to suffer with. i bet it hurt like hell. poor little guy. i’ll miss him.
RIP little dude

Song of the Day: I Dont Care by Fall Out Boy


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