Posts…. or lack of…

18 Oct

I apologise of the lack of posts!

I’ve been super busy with work and cosplays

Baby Peach is finished apart from the wig which hasn’t arrived yet so it’s on hold for now. it had better turn up by thursday!!

So Yossie and Rika have released a new song, not under Hello! Project but under a new indies label. and i must say, this is the best  song to come out of any H!P artists in a looooong time. ever since Kanashimi Twilight i never was very interested in Yossies stuff. i mean, yay she’s been up to stuff but hopefully this will be a brilliant way to re-start yossie’s music career.

I ordered a copy of Yo Yo Girl Cop the other day and it arrived! w00t! after watching it….. it’s a bit, meh. i mean the story isn’t amazing or anything and out of 10 i’d give it maybe a 7 but with all the bad stuff like swearing every other sentence, the hottness of an evil Rika totally makes up for it. the only thing i’d have like to have would have been a bit more yossie. i wanna see her running through a wet warehouse it skin tight crop top and hot pants!!! 


oh wait did i mention i’m a yossie fan girl? why yes yes i am!



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