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A fun day, a sad day and a happy day

29 Nov

Before i start i’d just like to send my thoughts out to Iida Kaori and her husband. it was announced yesterday that her son, just 6 months old, passed aware from severe renal failure in july.
R.I.P Baby Liida.

back on track to real life, today i spent the day in london.
it was great, after my driving lesson (perfect three point turn FTW) i hopped on the train. after calling my dad to get him to bring an extra layer for me as i totally underestimated just how cold it was, i got on the train for the hour long journey.
the one thing i hate about train journeys to london is that it always gets so crowded! squishing myself into a really small seat next to people i don’t know isn’t my idea of fun. but i guess it’s good practise for waterloo station and the tube….
anyways, i first went to burger king because by that time i was starving and really fancied some chips.
after that i wasted time looking at a map of he underground while munching on my “lunch” and helped a couple work out which line the “brown one” was (ie: i told them which one it was).
i needed to go to covent garden and like an idiot got on the northern line. so i had to walk there, got lost and then found my way again. i went to find xmas presents, there is a woman in the art market who customises ceramic hearts with writing and glitter, mum wanted one for the boyfriend’s family. i also got 2 american license plates from the woman who sells them while i was waiting for that to dry and also another present for my dad.

when that was all done and dusted i wandered to cyber candy and went ahead and spent a tenner on things that were mostly for other people. after that it was 2 o’clock and i meandered over to the Troc to find the new tokyo toys and check out the international cosplay da that was happening… i stayed for the length for about 5 seconds before i realised i knew no one and ran off to find something to drink and a place to sit.
after buying an iced tea at the Nippon and Korea centre i went and sat in leicestor sq park… it would have been nice if it wasn’t for the portugese kids all playing football all around me.
i then pootled off to a shop i don’t know the name of in china town and spent an age looking at all the cute stuff. after about half an hour i didn’t actually buy anything and tripped off to the japanese centre.
Paul from hello! Blog informed me about C-ute’s appearence in Kindai magazine and without even bothering to check the price i picked up a copy. i also bought some choco cornets, just like the ones in Lucky Star, a Yaki Sobe pan like in Azumanga, some men’s pocky, some ramune and some cup ramen. it came to about £23 no thanks to the £10.50 magazine! i almost passed out, but it’s ok because c-ute look amazing.
i the decided to head home because i was absolutely shattered from carrying those bags. they were so heavy!
on the train home my tummy was grumbling, th only hing i had eaten since lunchtime were those chips. feeling my blood sugar dropping low i decided to tackle the yakisoba pan and oh my gosh it wasthe best tasting thing eve. i really regretted eating afterwards because i just wanted t eat more. it was only a mini one but next time i’ll be buying a bigger one.

and that folks was my day. doesn’t sound like much but it took 4 hours.

I logged onto gaiaonline tday and discovered the new post about the Cover You album release.
I was really sceptical about this alum as i haven’t enjoyed Momusu’s newest stuff. Pepper Keibu just didn’t do it for me. but upon listening to this album i have to disagree with myself it was really good! i was pleasently surprised about how different Nagisa no Sinbad was compared to W’s version.
my favourite has to be Pinponpan Taisou. i know many people dn’t like it much because it’s so Koharu-ish. but that’s why i like it. i think it’s my new found love for Koha talking here though.

That’s all folks! *Da da da DA da!* (that was supposed to the the ending to the looney tunes thing)


My nose is a tri-athlete…

26 Nov

I had trouble with my nose today.
i have allergies anyways but today was baaaaad. my nose practically ran off my face.
Y_Y it’s hassle….

You know how other peoples kids sometime make you go “aww, it’s kinda cute” but others you’re just repulsed by? how can one small person be so disgusting and… well frankly ugly.
my little cousin has this little friend. he’s a good kid and all but he is just….. ugh.
i didn’t like being in the same room as him on holiday.
he’s always snotty and has a really red sore patch above his lip where he licks his lips loads and it’s all chapped…… ew.
i don’t really like kids anyways… i’ve become much less tolerent of children since working at the pet shop. i wouldn’t mind if every single child didn’t squeak the squeaky toys and mix up the loose foods.
we had a little….. boy in today and his mum kept telling him and telling him “don’t squeak the toys!” and then he kept on doing it so my asst manager said to him, not in a bad way or anything “please don’t squeak the toys!” but he still did so his mum ent to get him to put him in the buggy and then she screamed the shop down and it was almost as bad as the toys! almost everyone person who came in today had a small child. put them on leads people!

*sigh* rant over.

my manager was sorting out the rotas when i left today which was kinda cool cause it means i really don’t have to work on saturday. and if they ak me i’ll say i have a work experiance opportunity when really i’ll be galavanting around london all day. i’ll take photos. xD
i was a bit worried when i came in yesterday because she hadn’t changed it yet. i think she was still a bit miffed but she’ll live. it’s only one day.
which is probably her point too.
but i can’t help it i have a “work experiance opportunity”.

I have a training evening this evening. we’re gonna be learning all about reptiles and how to care for them. we might be getting in snakes and bearded dragons which will be fun! ^^

ok i’m gonna go take a nap now! i’m so tired! Y_Y

ja ne~!

Hangry and Angry Limited Edition CD

24 Nov

So My H&A limited edition CD arrived this morning.
I was talking to Paul on MSN at that time too and as we’ve been having a race to see who got it first the first thing i did other than check it was the right thing was to go “mwahahaha! guess what just got delievered” in our conversation.

the reply i got was along the lines of “me, too, i have the box sitting in my lap” that’s right people. it was a tie. and not just on the same day, at almost exactly the same time, our packages got delivered to us.
and we live fairly far away.
it wasn’t short of amazing.

in anycase, let’s see some photos!

Box, inside of CD case, CD and luggage tag

Box, inside of CD case, CD and luggage tag

Box, Outside of CD case, back of luggage tag

Box, Outside of CD case, back of luggage tag

Close up of the CD cover

Close up of the CD cover

So photos that have been floating around are misleading people! i thought this lunch box was gonna be pretty big. but it’s actually kinda tiny.
on this i thought when i opened it was “i payed 40 quid for this?” it’s hard being a dedicated fan. and my bank account would be happier if i wasn’t. but no matter.
The tin is kinda neat, pictures of Hangry and Angry on it, very merchindise heavy but whatcha gonna do?
the booklet was widdle. like weally widdle. only a few pages of lyrics and some photos but it IS a mini album so i suppose it’sok. Yossie looks stunning in the photos and sometimes you kinda have to look twice. “is that really her?” she’s so different from the goofy girl i was watching messing around on youtube during the making of 11 water’s song. xD
The extra thing that came with it i am forced to accept as a luggae tag. it has one of those bits you fill out with your name and address…. i’ll probably take that out and put a photo in there. xD

It was a happy day nonetheless.

I’ve gotten the bento bug back. i used to make a bento every week for my lunch at college. however this stopped shortly before i finished my last year and i really want to start making them again.
I was talking to paul (he seems to crop up alot huh? xD we have alotin common what can i say?) about japanese food and i showed him so of my bento photos from the past and he was really impressed!
so i really want to make one again. it was such fun!
i’m gonna make him one on saturdya and if he can’t make it i’ll take a photo and eat it myself on the train. xD i’m gonna try and make a kyara-ben this time! Maybe try for the cover of Papancake? ambitious but it’s fun so who cares?!

22 Nov

My dog seems to have suddenly become strangely and un-nessicarily attactched to me in the past 5 minutes….. i wouldn’t mind if i knew her love will disappear once i finish my sandwich….

I do love my doggies though even if they are only hunger driven machines.

Did you know that a dog’s nose is so sensitive it can smell the blood in your veins? also, if a dog decided it was going to kill to it would go for your crotch, biggest blood supply in the body down there.
This is something i learnt from the dog trainer. he’s a nice guy but so….. there. his presence is huge and the dog’s know it. xD
poor Lilly she hates that man! shouldn’t be so disobediant then should you?

Been tidying my room today, i wouldn’t mind so much if there wasn’t so much crap!
i seem to have turned into one of those hoarders, i keep anything that could be useful, empty boxes and tins and stuff. it’s so sad….i’ve thrown almost all of it away. i just don’t need it…..

Been re-watching my Lucky Star dvd today. i should really get around to buying the others in the series but i have no money after my splurging on stuff this month. only gotta wait till thursday though, wander how much i’ll get paid?

i need to go to london sometime soon….. i can’t go till i get paid and i can’t go on saturday cause i’m covering at work… maybe i can pull out and say “i’m sorry! something’s come up!” that way i can go up and go to National Cosplay Day at Tokyo Toys too?!
i wander if my manager will go “OK!” or be all like “NUU. Yew must come into wurk!” cause i was kind of a last resort. oh but this saturday is the only one that i have something better i wanna do going on! T_T
what’s a good excuse i wander?

Damn! her reply was: “U r joking! Ur leaving me in the lurch again! I asked you twice and you said yes!” So that is a “Yew have to come into wurk” bah.
Sent her a reply saying “Sorry, i didn’t realise it was that much of a lurch, i’ll cancel. it’s the 11-5.30 shift right?” and she text back saying “Don’t worry, the sophie is doing it” ook, but now she’s gonna be mad at me for the rest of the week….. oh well…. damn and friday is my day alone with her, and jess isn’t in on tuesay…. and probably not wednesday. ill just have to be prepared to cover those hours on wednesday afternoon.
hope she doesn’t hold a grudge. i’ll just have to work super hard this week! and turn up early for all my shifts! i dunno whether to feel bad or not. but if she managed to get cover it’ll be ok!
man that was fast.
when did i leave her in the lurch? maybe last wednesday a week or so ago when i was ill…. i sent her a text the night before saying i was feeling really crap and called before 9 on the day like i’m supposed to….. a week ahead isn’t that much short notice….. not like i cal call up a week inadvance for being ill “just to let you know i’m going to have a small sickness bug on wednesday. hope you can get cover!”

to be honest though, it’s not my normal hours….. i don’t work on saturdays anymore. i have every right to plan things. yeah i said yes but it’s not like i HAVE to stick to it, not my fault something that won’t come again for another year is happening on the same day almost every other member of staff is taking the day off……..

this week at work is gonna be really stressful huh?
I just gotta grit my teeth and get throught it. she could have said “no, you have to work” if she wanted to.
that day is gonna be really bad though. everyone who is working is covering. Sam who was our old asst. manager who is now just casual, ayden who has come back from uni and doesn’t work that much and sophie who hasn’t been there long. oh well.

My hair has returned to pink! i feel much more like myself again. coloured streaks are just a part of me and when it washes out i feel like something’s missing…..
we have Salmon for dinner though, fish and me are like two S ends on a magnet. i can’t STAND seafood. bleugh!

but i am hungry….

oh well. back to life and stuff….. i feel like playing video games….

By the way, it’s taken me all day to type this post. xD

The whimsical ways of life

20 Nov

So a few things happened today, the first was that i FINALLY sent off my UCAS application.
it took long enough but i managed it.
hopefully i’ll get an interview and possibly a place.
i applied for the costume and set design for performance course at Bournemouth. didn’t get in last year so hopefully this will be a success. but lets not count all our eggs just yet.

The next thing was work. sometimes i love it sometimes i hate it and today was a bad day. i only work 4 hours on a thursday and it just goes sooooo slowly!
plus i was super hungry today as i ddn’t bring any snacks, working in a pet shop is tough work so before i knew it i was starving. as the hours went buy i gots hungrier and hungrier and by the time i was time to go home i could barely stand up! i have a history of falling flat on my face if i get too hungry so off to Greg’s it was to buy somerthing to up my blood sugar. sitting on a bench in the semi dark eating a croissant was quite pleasent actually….. if a bit cold and my fingers were numb by the time i got home. Y_Y
I’m not diabetic or anything but if i don’t eat a get mood swings, really bad tiredness and dizzy spells all at the same time. luckily though i’m a good member of staff and don’t get annoyed while in the shop in front of customers. i save that for afterwards.

The third thing was that i downloaded Hangry and Angry album from the iTunes store! wahoo! the songs are amazing! i just love this album and it’s so easy to listen to.
i might upload the songs onto mediafire for download but i don’t really like the idea of downloading this album without paying for it (unless i/you’ve already bought it in some kind of form).
hopefully me buying the USA, the Japanese limited AND the UK iTunes versions will help bump up the chance to have them tour. ^^

My Star patterned over-the-knee socks arrived today! along with some star shaped beads i bought ages ago. I’m really into stars right now…. so star patterned over-the-knee socks were just a total win.
This is what i was grumbling about a couple posts ago. about how i was bidding for 6 days and then a last minute bidder came in a stole it. xD

i’m unning away to tidy the hell hole that is currently my bedroom now!
Ja ne~!

Twas brillig in the slithy toathes…

19 Nov

…di gire and gimble in the wabe.
all mimsy were the borogroves and the momeraths outgrabe.

i’m sorry but what? i do love that poem though and i didn’t copy and paste any of it.

Day of the Hangry and Angry Release!!!
So far the only place selling the US release in any form is unfortunately for us brits we need to find a middle man to buy our copies from as japanfiles don’t ship to the UK.

EDIT: yes they do now but the shipping is almost the same cost as the CD. i love yossie and all but i’mma wait till next week when i get paid to buy it.
Mean while in my scouting for a free mp3 download of the album i found some interesing images of Yossie and Rika from a japanese magazine.
Rika’s photo is much nicer to look at, Yossie’s make up makes her look a bit startled. but she does still look gorgeous as always.

Same image uncut

seems like a few lucky people have already recieved their limited edition CDs…. HOW?!?! it was only released today! :gonk: i want mine!
as you might know, myself and Paul from HelloBlog are having a race to see who gets their copy first. i paid for mine instantly and he only did it yesterday, i have a day ahead of him. ok mr postman, here’s your chance to not suck by delivering mine first!

Wahoo! just found Angelia in full! : Mediafire

That’s the only one i can find though. it’s still early i suppose but still. i really can’t wait to listen to it!

Hope the booklet has these images in!

Apparently this mini album has debuted at number 23 on the daily oricon chart. which is pretty good for an indies album.
Also, Some shops in japan started selling the CDs a day early! O.o no fair! >3<
The display is so cool! why can’t displays in the UK be this amazing?

The official lyrics go:

“Kill Me Kiss Me” lyrics (tentative)
  Words,Music,Arrangement:Tsunoda Takanori

Let me tell you, honey, / I just wanna love and hate you.
Can you feel me now? / Can you see the bat in hell?
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
今夜は踊ろう 今夜は踊ろう

僕の大好きな 甘いプディングを【H】 君にあげたい【A】
だけどヒトツしかないの【H】 どうしたらいい?【A】
ヒトツしかなかった【H】 どうすればいい?【H&A】

悲しみ隠すように 君を傷つけて
怯えていたのは 僕の方だった

Let me tell you, honey, / I just wanna love and hate you.
Can you feel me now? / Can you see the bat in hell?
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
今夜は踊ろう 今夜は踊ろう

高いハイヒール履いて【A】 黒いドレス着て 君が踊る【H】
悲しいくらい僕は 君が好きだった【H】

No way I think of you. / I don’t need you going home.
Oh baby, I’ll give you love, love and hate you.
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
今夜は踊ろう 今夜は踊ろう

Let me tell you, honey, / I just wanna love and hate you.
Can you feel me now? / Can you see the bat in hell?
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
今夜は踊ろう 今夜は踊ろう 今夜は踊ろう

Bat in hell? wtf? why?
I prefer “Can you hear me now, can you see the fires of hell” muuuuch better. i’m obviously a lyrical genius!
That is some twisted Engish in there.

Have some YoRika goodness!

Finished shoes

18 Nov


I’m really happy with how my Sailor Uranus boots turned out. they fit really nicely and the ribbon looks great. it’s a slightly darker navy than the rest of the boots so stands out better. they have hooks on the backs to keep the tops together.

i love them, and they will be well used.