Expo, holiday and other shinnanigans

14 Nov

Chillax man,

Chillax man,

I apologise sincerely for the HUGE lack of posts!

I’ve been so busy…. let’s see…..

London expo was a total blast! i had so much fun! i spent waaaaaay over my budget, i met some fellow gaiaonline users and took part in the guiness world record for having the most people dressed as video games characters gathered in one place. it was in one word, awesome. but Expo is rarely boring. there’s always something interesting happening and this year was no exception:
So the night before Expo was Video Games Live which was also AMAZING. it was just fantastic, they messed up our seats so instead of sitting at the back of the front stalls like we booked, they accidentaly gave us seats in the VERY FRONT ROW! it was so awesome. alot of it was the same but some of it was different but still very enjoyable.
The next morning i arose at the crack of dawn (6.30am) to don my wig and dress and hop on the train to london once again. my 4 years of bi-annual trips to expo have taught me to leave extra time for travel because there’s usually something happening on the line. low and behold there were tube works between the exact stations we needed to get off at for the DLR to the ExCel centre so instead of the easy 15 minute tube journey to Canning Town, we had to trump off at North Greenwich to catch a bus to the same station which took a grueling 15 minutes in itself.
Nevertheless we got there in one piece with enough time to wander around, dump our coats on the poor guys at the item drop off point and get money out before letting loos and dashing into the dealers room and buying practically the whole convention.
i can’t even remember half the stuff i bought apart from my fluffy kitty ears (if any one was at expo and knows the name of the amazing kitty ear stall please message me, i want another pair!) and my Gloomy Bear! ^_^
After another sad good bye to Expo for another 6 months we traipsed back home where i promtly threw some clothes into a suit case and crashed into bed only to be rudely awoken at 12pm the next day to get on a plane and fly to Spain.
With the promise of sun and sand i didn’t grumble too much and by the time we were at the check-in desk is was actually looking forward to going on holiday.
an hour after arriving at the check-in desk we were finally allowed on the plane. the dely was due to a difficult flyer who refused to get off ( wtf?) and had to have a wheelchair taken to the boarding gate. in anycase we made it onto the plane and landed safely in alicante airport.
through my whole trip in spain i took gloomy bear and took a series of photos of him sitting in different places with different views.it was alot of fun. even though i got mistaken for being 15 alot of the time. my favourites being the one of him “eating” pocky, “listening” to my ipod and sitting on a brick wall with the fantastic view of the mountain behind him.
after a week of rain (no kidding, it was sunny the day we arrived and the day we left) i got in the car to go to the airport in much higher spirits than when i had arrived.

On our return i spent all last week working 9-5.30 (how do people do that?) and most of this week working as well. it has been grueling but i do enjoy working.
the only problem with working so much is i get much less time to do what i love most: sewing.
I’m currently making a bag to go to london with and i will post progress photos shortly. it’s been alot of fun and should tunr out pretty good.

I pre-ordered my limited edition Japanese copy of Hangry and Angry’s mini album Kill Me Kiss Me the other day. it cost me £40 but i don’t care caue i love them so much right now. plus the box and stuff was too awesome to pass up. i’ll probably have to pay a hug customs charge on it but whatever it’s totally worth it.
The other day i made a Hangry and Angry Custom shirt. it looks pretty cool but it’s not finished yet, i think it’ll end up being a working progress because it just doesn’t look finished yet….. we’ll see. ^^

here are some of my favourite photos from my weekend in london and my holiday in spain:

Wario wants to eat Baby peach! T_T

Wario wants to eat Baby peach! T_T

*Morning Musume's Osaka Koi o Uta plays

*Morning Musume's Osaka Koi o Uta plays

Om nom nom

Om nom nom


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