Pizza anyone?

15 Nov

I’m hungry, Fancy some Pizza?


How about now?

Buono! are the newest addition to the Pizza-La Family and are promoting the restaurants Japan-wide. kind of like Pizza hut. there will be big posters of them in all Pizza-La branches and both of these CMs are being aired on TV.

looking at that pizza is making me hungry!

these CMs remind me of the Moko Moko Adverts W did way back when….. and the National CMs Momusu did.


My Newest pair of legwarmers came today. just plain white with pom poms as i have no white pairs.
I’ll probably be taking the pom poms off like i did with my last pair though. i don’t really like them but they were the only pair ebay had with the right shape i want….. oh well. i’m still happy! XD

Days until H&A is released: 4!

Song of the day: Lotta Love Lotta Love by Buono!


One Response to “Pizza anyone?”

  1. paul.thomas November 17, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    Buono! can make me buy anything! Luckily they don’t deliver overseas (not that I’ve checked, just a guess)…hate to think how much I’d have to pay for shipping for a cold pizza, lol.

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