Paint Brushes… the new sewing machine

16 Nov

So basically i was totally not made for painting and decorating.
i was made to sit at my sewing machine and make clothes/costumes etc.

i hate painting. getting up and down on a chair each time my paintbrush runs out of the damn stuff.

so basically i’ve just been blitzing the sections i’m doing in my usual manner (aka: half assed) as my dad had alreayd done 2 coats so i won’t matter so much if i miss bits.

w00t. at least i’m getting rid of the mud green my room was…. white and yellow here i come. nice and sunny!

Been talking to Paul from Hello Blog recently and even though he’s older than me, we have so much in common. it’s really cool. ^^ i’ve really been enjoying chatting to him. i don’t actually know someone in real life to talk to about H!P so it’s been pretty awesome.
wander if we’ll end up going to the H&A concert together… i have no other H!P friends in the UK to go with so i wander…. ^w^

FOREVER LOVE PV has ben released. this song is AMAZING C-ute are such a great group and this song is no exception. i much prefer it to Namida no ro. although the lines could have been shared a bit more. nothing against Airi and Maimi but i’d like to see more Mai and Chisato! xD

I’ve been talking to NavigatorxNami (the maker of the today’s AMV) and we’re planning on doing a photoshoot in Janury as Sailor Uranus and Neptune. myself as Uranus. it’s gonna be fun but i’m kind nervous about kissing her as i’ve never kissed a girl before. but i’m open to anything. xD it’s gonna great fun, because we love those two so much it’ll be easy to get into character. *nod*

Days until the Hangry and Angry release: 3!

Song of the day: FOREVER LOVE by C-ute

AMV of the day: Eternal Lovers by NavigatorxNami


One Response to “Paint Brushes… the new sewing machine”

  1. paul.thomas November 17, 2008 at 3:22 pm #

    If Hangry and Angry tour the UK I’ll be there with you Yossie spotting for sure, lol I’ll distract her and you bag her. And I have to agree it’s great chatting to someone from the UK about H!P!

    I’ve pretty much grown used to C-ute releases being all about Airi and Maimi, they both have great voices (and my new found love for Airi really helps, lol) but it would be great to see some more of the other girls. Personally my fave voice in C-ute is Mai, she sounds amazing, we definitely need more lines for her! And of course Erika…can I just have more Erika please, I don’t care in what form, just more, lol.

    …photoshoot…girls kissing…paint fumes…*faints*

    2 1/2 days until Hangry and Angry release : )

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