It’s so wonderful being a slave….

17 Nov

I don’t know where i got that from but i was reading manga n stuff last night and this came up multiple times.
Maybe a slave to my hobby?

In anycase, this post is gonna be all about cosplay updates! ^_^

Today i went fabric shopping for my May Expo cosplays!

I had alot of trouble finding suitable fabrics. in the end i wound up with mostly poly cotton and some sheeting. which was pretty good. hooray for cheap fabric.

So i bought some navy blue for Sailor Uranus. It is just plain navy poly cotton and the bow will be made out of sunshine yellow poly cotton too. it’s simple but the fabric is dark enough to hide underwear but also light enough to blow in the wid just right. ^^

I also find the perfect pair of boots in Primark today for Uranus too. they’re amazingly accurate. high heel small enough to walk in but big enough to make me taller than my neptune. perfect shade of blue, the tops are supposed to be folded over but if i unfold them and wrap navy ribbon around them they will be perfect. yay! I already have gloves and a leotard so if i make the skirt so i can just slip it over my head or my hips, i can make all the skirts like that and use the leotard each time.

At the same time i also bought the cream and yellow i need for my Amulet Dia cosplay.
It took ages to find the right shade of cream but i managed it and it goes wonderfully with the yellow. i chose a sheeting fabric in cream and have the same yellow poly cotton as i did for uranus. hopefully it will be enough for both.
This will be a major effort as this cosplay need alot of structuring and the such like but it will be fun. that’s why i bought the fabric today so i have plenty of time to work on them.


I also have a Balloon Pikachu to make but the fleece in Fabric Land was fairly expensive so i didn’t bother. i’ll try ebay when i get paid. ^^
When i do i’ll be going for a yellow fleece (hot!) and some brown netting for the stripes on his back. it’ll provide a little bit of ventilation.

On cosplay island, i consider my cosplays to be “In Progress” when i buy the fabric! *clicks the button*


One Response to “It’s so wonderful being a slave….”

  1. paul.thomas November 19, 2008 at 11:47 am #

    I had a hunt around for the issue of Neo you mentioned there was a photo of you in (48 I think you said?) but couldn’t find it, but no need now, my curiorisity has been answered by your link!
    Your costumes are great, and you look really cute as Baby Peach! And I love you’re Toadette hat, so big, lol.

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