Don’t miss the gravy train!

18 Nov

Ugh, work today was hard work. 4 pallets, all 7foot high. it’s a nightmare. i reckon we should be allowed to close when we get delivery so we can blitz the whole thing.
it’s so tiring!

I was feeling a bit loopy today because i was so tired so while putting the Baker’s Gravy Bites out i was going “all aboard the gravy train!”
I’m mad, what can i say?

So i got a message from Ohta on ebay today saying he has shipped out my Hangry and Angry Limited edition box.
he added a photo and it looks pretty big so i might have to pay customs charge, damn.
I’m really looking forward to it’s release tommorrow and i’ll probably download it from somewhere as the package won’t arrive for another couple of weeks. as i’ve bought it already i don’t feel guilty about downloading it free. >< i wanna listen to the rest of Wall Flower dammit! xD
I’m really happy with my purchase from him already. the communication has been very good and the fact he’s shipped it out already is excellent. i guess suppliers recieve items a few hours before the release date like with Harry Potter books, as it’s probably like…… 6 am over in japan right now (well almost 6. it’s 5.58pm here). i’m just going to be even more excited when it arrives. ^^
Paul from helloblog buys stuff from him alot so it must be good. xD

while we’re no the subject of ebay i’ve just gotten an email from another ebay seller telling me she has shipped the item. thats impressive. i only paid for the item about 5 minutes ago. wander if she had it all packed ready considering i have been bidding on that item for a week! damn you last second bidders.
I’m really ito socks right now. over the knee socks mainly. i just love them. i wear them alot when i go up to london if it’s cold i wear shorts and three layers of socks. over-the-knee socks, knee socks and legwarmers. ^^ it’s cute and comfy and warm!

I also bought an awesome rainbow hat the other day on ebay. (ebay addict much?) and it arrived today. i’m wearing it now, it’s so awesome! i love it! it’s a crochet rainbow spiral and looves awesome. i am a hat person, any hat i wear looks good on me so that might help but it really is gorgeous. and so well made!
I’m really into rainbow stuff right now too. anything with a rainbow pattern or in rainbow colours i love. and pink too. hot/shocking pink i love. xD you won’t miss me for miles. xD

Bought ribbon to add to my Sailor Uranus boots today. they’re so spot on i can’t really believe my luck at finding them. last pair of size 6s in there! O.o
i’ll be adding the tonight and post photos a bit later.

My mum woke me up on monday. she came in, opened my blind and jumped on me. it was kinda nice cause she’s not come in to do that for ages. it was a bit awkward because i was concentrating on not letting my duvet slip having crashed into bed with only pj bottoms on the night before. that would have been awkward!
i had to sleep on the sofa last night! T_T i have no bed because my room is being painted so i splet in a sleeping bag on the sofa. it was surprisingly comfy but i still prefer my bed. xD


One Response to “Don’t miss the gravy train!”

  1. paul.thomas November 19, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    So the great Hangry and Angry race begins and you have a day head start to mine, I guess the decider will be customs…really hope they don’t get stopped, it’s only a couple over the import limit so we may get lucky and they get ignored and go straight through *crosses fingers*

    Knee socks 🙂 one of the reasons I enjoy Japan so much, you can’t walk down the street without seeing a bunch of girls in them lol it’s great!

    Hop you managed to find your bed!

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