The whimsical ways of life

20 Nov

So a few things happened today, the first was that i FINALLY sent off my UCAS application.
it took long enough but i managed it.
hopefully i’ll get an interview and possibly a place.
i applied for the costume and set design for performance course at Bournemouth. didn’t get in last year so hopefully this will be a success. but lets not count all our eggs just yet.

The next thing was work. sometimes i love it sometimes i hate it and today was a bad day. i only work 4 hours on a thursday and it just goes sooooo slowly!
plus i was super hungry today as i ddn’t bring any snacks, working in a pet shop is tough work so before i knew it i was starving. as the hours went buy i gots hungrier and hungrier and by the time i was time to go home i could barely stand up! i have a history of falling flat on my face if i get too hungry so off to Greg’s it was to buy somerthing to up my blood sugar. sitting on a bench in the semi dark eating a croissant was quite pleasent actually….. if a bit cold and my fingers were numb by the time i got home. Y_Y
I’m not diabetic or anything but if i don’t eat a get mood swings, really bad tiredness and dizzy spells all at the same time. luckily though i’m a good member of staff and don’t get annoyed while in the shop in front of customers. i save that for afterwards.

The third thing was that i downloaded Hangry and Angry album from the iTunes store! wahoo! the songs are amazing! i just love this album and it’s so easy to listen to.
i might upload the songs onto mediafire for download but i don’t really like the idea of downloading this album without paying for it (unless i/you’ve already bought it in some kind of form).
hopefully me buying the USA, the Japanese limited AND the UK iTunes versions will help bump up the chance to have them tour. ^^

My Star patterned over-the-knee socks arrived today! along with some star shaped beads i bought ages ago. I’m really into stars right now…. so star patterned over-the-knee socks were just a total win.
This is what i was grumbling about a couple posts ago. about how i was bidding for 6 days and then a last minute bidder came in a stole it. xD

i’m unning away to tidy the hell hole that is currently my bedroom now!
Ja ne~!


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