22 Nov

My dog seems to have suddenly become strangely and un-nessicarily attactched to me in the past 5 minutes….. i wouldn’t mind if i knew her love will disappear once i finish my sandwich….

I do love my doggies though even if they are only hunger driven machines.

Did you know that a dog’s nose is so sensitive it can smell the blood in your veins? also, if a dog decided it was going to kill to it would go for your crotch, biggest blood supply in the body down there.
This is something i learnt from the dog trainer. he’s a nice guy but so….. there. his presence is huge and the dog’s know it. xD
poor Lilly she hates that man! shouldn’t be so disobediant then should you?

Been tidying my room today, i wouldn’t mind so much if there wasn’t so much crap!
i seem to have turned into one of those hoarders, i keep anything that could be useful, empty boxes and tins and stuff. it’s so sad….i’ve thrown almost all of it away. i just don’t need it…..

Been re-watching my Lucky Star dvd today. i should really get around to buying the others in the series but i have no money after my splurging on stuff this month. only gotta wait till thursday though, wander how much i’ll get paid?

i need to go to london sometime soon….. i can’t go till i get paid and i can’t go on saturday cause i’m covering at work… maybe i can pull out and say “i’m sorry! something’s come up!” that way i can go up and go to National Cosplay Day at Tokyo Toys too?!
i wander if my manager will go “OK!” or be all like “NUU. Yew must come into wurk!” cause i was kind of a last resort. oh but this saturday is the only one that i have something better i wanna do going on! T_T
what’s a good excuse i wander?

Damn! her reply was: “U r joking! Ur leaving me in the lurch again! I asked you twice and you said yes!” So that is a “Yew have to come into wurk” bah.
Sent her a reply saying “Sorry, i didn’t realise it was that much of a lurch, i’ll cancel. it’s the 11-5.30 shift right?” and she text back saying “Don’t worry, the sophie is doing it” ook, but now she’s gonna be mad at me for the rest of the week….. oh well…. damn and friday is my day alone with her, and jess isn’t in on tuesay…. and probably not wednesday. ill just have to be prepared to cover those hours on wednesday afternoon.
hope she doesn’t hold a grudge. i’ll just have to work super hard this week! and turn up early for all my shifts! i dunno whether to feel bad or not. but if she managed to get cover it’ll be ok!
man that was fast.
when did i leave her in the lurch? maybe last wednesday a week or so ago when i was ill…. i sent her a text the night before saying i was feeling really crap and called before 9 on the day like i’m supposed to….. a week ahead isn’t that much short notice….. not like i cal call up a week inadvance for being ill “just to let you know i’m going to have a small sickness bug on wednesday. hope you can get cover!”

to be honest though, it’s not my normal hours….. i don’t work on saturdays anymore. i have every right to plan things. yeah i said yes but it’s not like i HAVE to stick to it, not my fault something that won’t come again for another year is happening on the same day almost every other member of staff is taking the day off……..

this week at work is gonna be really stressful huh?
I just gotta grit my teeth and get throught it. she could have said “no, you have to work” if she wanted to.
that day is gonna be really bad though. everyone who is working is covering. Sam who was our old asst. manager who is now just casual, ayden who has come back from uni and doesn’t work that much and sophie who hasn’t been there long. oh well.

My hair has returned to pink! i feel much more like myself again. coloured streaks are just a part of me and when it washes out i feel like something’s missing…..
we have Salmon for dinner though, fish and me are like two S ends on a magnet. i can’t STAND seafood. bleugh!

but i am hungry….

oh well. back to life and stuff….. i feel like playing video games….

By the way, it’s taken me all day to type this post. xD


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