Hangry and Angry Limited Edition CD

24 Nov

So My H&A limited edition CD arrived this morning.
I was talking to Paul on MSN at that time too and as we’ve been having a race to see who got it first the first thing i did other than check it was the right thing was to go “mwahahaha! guess what just got delievered” in our conversation.

the reply i got was along the lines of “me, too, i have the box sitting in my lap” that’s right people. it was a tie. and not just on the same day, at almost exactly the same time, our packages got delivered to us.
and we live fairly far away.
it wasn’t short of amazing.

in anycase, let’s see some photos!

Box, inside of CD case, CD and luggage tag

Box, inside of CD case, CD and luggage tag

Box, Outside of CD case, back of luggage tag

Box, Outside of CD case, back of luggage tag

Close up of the CD cover

Close up of the CD cover

So photos that have been floating around are misleading people! i thought this lunch box was gonna be pretty big. but it’s actually kinda tiny.
on this i thought when i opened it was “i payed 40 quid for this?” it’s hard being a dedicated fan. and my bank account would be happier if i wasn’t. but no matter.
The tin is kinda neat, pictures of Hangry and Angry on it, very merchindise heavy but whatcha gonna do?
the booklet was widdle. like weally widdle. only a few pages of lyrics and some photos but it IS a mini album so i suppose it’sok. Yossie looks stunning in the photos and sometimes you kinda have to look twice. “is that really her?” she’s so different from the goofy girl i was watching messing around on youtube during the making of 11 water’s song. xD
The extra thing that came with it i am forced to accept as a luggae tag. it has one of those bits you fill out with your name and address…. i’ll probably take that out and put a photo in there. xD

It was a happy day nonetheless.

I’ve gotten the bento bug back. i used to make a bento every week for my lunch at college. however this stopped shortly before i finished my last year and i really want to start making them again.
I was talking to paul (he seems to crop up alot huh? xD we have alotin common what can i say?) about japanese food and i showed him so of my bento photos from the past and he was really impressed!
so i really want to make one again. it was such fun!
i’m gonna make him one on saturdya and if he can’t make it i’ll take a photo and eat it myself on the train. xD i’m gonna try and make a kyara-ben this time! Maybe try for the cover of Papancake? ambitious but it’s fun so who cares?!


One Response to “Hangry and Angry Limited Edition CD”

  1. paul.thomas November 25, 2008 at 10:24 pm #

    Lol, the fact that they both got delivered at the same time still amazed me, I think our postmen must have heard about our plans and decided that it would be best for both of us if they delivered at the same time.

    I really hope that we see a full length album from Hangry and Angry, I’d love to be able to get a gull length album and booklet. I might try and see if any of the mags in the Japan Center feature them this month, they look so cool!

    Can’t wait to see the Bento and talk about ambitious! It’ll look great and thanks again for making me one, although I’m still unsure whether I’ll be able to make it but fingers crossed, so annoying as I’ll be in London but no idea where or when and if it was anything apart from my dad’s bday I’d make a convenient excuse not to attend 😦

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