My nose is a tri-athlete…

26 Nov

I had trouble with my nose today.
i have allergies anyways but today was baaaaad. my nose practically ran off my face.
Y_Y it’s hassle….

You know how other peoples kids sometime make you go “aww, it’s kinda cute” but others you’re just repulsed by? how can one small person be so disgusting and… well frankly ugly.
my little cousin has this little friend. he’s a good kid and all but he is just….. ugh.
i didn’t like being in the same room as him on holiday.
he’s always snotty and has a really red sore patch above his lip where he licks his lips loads and it’s all chapped…… ew.
i don’t really like kids anyways… i’ve become much less tolerent of children since working at the pet shop. i wouldn’t mind if every single child didn’t squeak the squeaky toys and mix up the loose foods.
we had a little….. boy in today and his mum kept telling him and telling him “don’t squeak the toys!” and then he kept on doing it so my asst manager said to him, not in a bad way or anything “please don’t squeak the toys!” but he still did so his mum ent to get him to put him in the buggy and then she screamed the shop down and it was almost as bad as the toys! almost everyone person who came in today had a small child. put them on leads people!

*sigh* rant over.

my manager was sorting out the rotas when i left today which was kinda cool cause it means i really don’t have to work on saturday. and if they ak me i’ll say i have a work experiance opportunity when really i’ll be galavanting around london all day. i’ll take photos. xD
i was a bit worried when i came in yesterday because she hadn’t changed it yet. i think she was still a bit miffed but she’ll live. it’s only one day.
which is probably her point too.
but i can’t help it i have a “work experiance opportunity”.

I have a training evening this evening. we’re gonna be learning all about reptiles and how to care for them. we might be getting in snakes and bearded dragons which will be fun! ^^

ok i’m gonna go take a nap now! i’m so tired! Y_Y

ja ne~!


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