A fun day, a sad day and a happy day

29 Nov

Before i start i’d just like to send my thoughts out to Iida Kaori and her husband. it was announced yesterday that her son, just 6 months old, passed aware from severe renal failure in july.
R.I.P Baby Liida.

back on track to real life, today i spent the day in london.
it was great, after my driving lesson (perfect three point turn FTW) i hopped on the train. after calling my dad to get him to bring an extra layer for me as i totally underestimated just how cold it was, i got on the train for the hour long journey.
the one thing i hate about train journeys to london is that it always gets so crowded! squishing myself into a really small seat next to people i don’t know isn’t my idea of fun. but i guess it’s good practise for waterloo station and the tube….
anyways, i first went to burger king because by that time i was starving and really fancied some chips.
after that i wasted time looking at a map of he underground while munching on my “lunch” and helped a couple work out which line the “brown one” was (ie: i told them which one it was).
i needed to go to covent garden and like an idiot got on the northern line. so i had to walk there, got lost and then found my way again. i went to find xmas presents, there is a woman in the art market who customises ceramic hearts with writing and glitter, mum wanted one for the boyfriend’s family. i also got 2 american license plates from the woman who sells them while i was waiting for that to dry and also another present for my dad.

when that was all done and dusted i wandered to cyber candy and went ahead and spent a tenner on things that were mostly for other people. after that it was 2 o’clock and i meandered over to the Troc to find the new tokyo toys and check out the international cosplay da that was happening… i stayed for the length for about 5 seconds before i realised i knew no one and ran off to find something to drink and a place to sit.
after buying an iced tea at the Nippon and Korea centre i went and sat in leicestor sq park… it would have been nice if it wasn’t for the portugese kids all playing football all around me.
i then pootled off to a shop i don’t know the name of in china town and spent an age looking at all the cute stuff. after about half an hour i didn’t actually buy anything and tripped off to the japanese centre.
Paul from hello! Blog informed me about C-ute’s appearence in Kindai magazine and without even bothering to check the price i picked up a copy. i also bought some choco cornets, just like the ones in Lucky Star, a Yaki Sobe pan like in Azumanga, some men’s pocky, some ramune and some cup ramen. it came to about £23 no thanks to the £10.50 magazine! i almost passed out, but it’s ok because c-ute look amazing.
i the decided to head home because i was absolutely shattered from carrying those bags. they were so heavy!
on the train home my tummy was grumbling, th only hing i had eaten since lunchtime were those chips. feeling my blood sugar dropping low i decided to tackle the yakisoba pan and oh my gosh it wasthe best tasting thing eve. i really regretted eating afterwards because i just wanted t eat more. it was only a mini one but next time i’ll be buying a bigger one.

and that folks was my day. doesn’t sound like much but it took 4 hours.

I logged onto gaiaonline tday and discovered the new post about the Cover You album release.
I was really sceptical about this alum as i haven’t enjoyed Momusu’s newest stuff. Pepper Keibu just didn’t do it for me. but upon listening to this album i have to disagree with myself it was really good! i was pleasently surprised about how different Nagisa no Sinbad was compared to W’s version.
my favourite has to be Pinponpan Taisou. i know many people dn’t like it much because it’s so Koharu-ish. but that’s why i like it. i think it’s my new found love for Koha talking here though.

That’s all folks! *Da da da DA da!* (that was supposed to the the ending to the looney tunes thing)


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