4 Dec

I wasn’t actually planning on posting this week. i’m waiting on something to arrive and was going to post then but what the hey.

Work this week was…. work.
boring and tirind. working in a petshop is SO much harder than it sounds. it’s not all cuddling cute animals (except of clean out day) it’s more about lugging gigantic bags of dog food and 300kg bags of cat litter around.
it’s hassle and tiring. and the customers suck. but it’s good fun anyways…
although recently i keep thinking that my little mistakes are becoming too frequent. and unfortunately for my my manager and asst manager are noticing. i can’t help it though. i think i’ve become a little distracted recently. ive not really been feeling 100% since……. well spetember. i simply cannot shake this cold. or these many colds. i still have my cough. it won’t go away!!!! T_T

the Dr was useles and told me nothing was wrong, it “just that time of year” and to go to bed early……. I’m not going to fooking bed early!

So we’ve started playing xmas carols at home now. mum always sings along while she wanders around the house doing mumsie things.
christmas just isn’t christmas with out my mum singing while she potters around the house. it just feels so christmasy.
can’t wait till the xmas decorations go up.
i love christmas.
i haven’t had any good advent calender chocolates yet. i have a dairy milk variety one. so far i’ve had a turksih delight, a fruite and nut, a whole nut and another fruit and nut. LAME! i’ve eaten one chocolate so far. *sigh*

It’s soooo sweet, we have a teeny little bird who roosts at night above our window outside the porch, he’s so tiny1 the UK is freezing right now so i don’t know how the hell he is keeping warm but i took a photo yesterday. we think he’s a spadger (sparrow) but they usually sleep in colonies and stuff. anyway. here is a photo:


I’l post about my newest arrivals when they arrive!


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