Memoirs of a Christmas past….

7 Dec


Our christmas decorations went up yesterday! our tree looks amazing as usual.
what i like about our christmas tree is that ever ornament on there means something. apart from the tinsel and a few lights i mean.
A couple years ago mum found something anbout what makes a true xmas tree according to olden times.
Something about the decorations being erratic and every one has a meaning.
which is totally our tree!
i hate it when people have themed trees. they just don’t mean anything to anyone… kinda cold.
my boyfriends mum has one of these horrible white trees which she decorates with pink and purple decorations. come on. that’s no fun! collecting decorations and getting them out each year and looking at them and saying “i remember that!” is something you can’t beat! some of our decorations go right back to when we were really little kids! ones we made! and we have some which we got when we lived out in america, and there are some which we got while on holiday and so they bring back really special memories and all sorts. there’s just nothing that beats the flood of memories that rushes out of the tree decoration box.

It must be really cold today! it’s half past 3 in the afternoon and it’s still frosty outside. i wouldn’t know because i haven’t stepped foot outside the house since friday. i’m not a cold lover. my fingers go all stiff in the cold.
too bad i’ll be sopending all day in it on sunday next week.
i’ll jut have to wear like 6 layers of tingts and tops. no biggy. the trick is to put on all those layers and not look fat!

anyways. i need to tidy my room now! ^^ ja ne~!


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