Many many arms….

11 Dec

I have been watching Green Wing recently. if you’ve never seen it and understand british dry humour, go check it out. it’s hilarious!

that’s where i got the title from, Sue White the staff Liason officer has attached huge extensions to her arms and is freaking out a doctor with them. it’s so funny. best character ever.

So the Come Together Ongaku Gatas tour merchandise is out. and i ‘ve not really been interested in Gatas stuff, even if Yossie is on the team and is Captain/Leader of the froup. but these t-shirts are really amazing! with the simple number on the left shoulder and the awesome guitar design on the back! i MUST get this shirt! i don’t really agree with myself on getting shirts, part of me really wants them but the other part of me knows i shouldn’t get them. a: they’re too expensive (although not as expensive as some designer stuff, i argue with myself) and b: i’d never want to wear in because of my inability to keep myself spill free at meals and the such like (clutz or retard, you’re choice).
But i MUST have this shirt! not only is the shirt design awesome, we also get 2 large photos and also a bracelet which makes a nice change to wristbands which, although cool, im not too fond of.
i thought they’d have stuck to wristbands with gatas stuff considering they’re a futsal team. but in anycase, i really want this shirt.

Goit a lett through today from Bournemouth Art University, well i say got through but in reality i had to go pick it up because i had to pay extra postage on it cause they didn’t…. and on top of that i had to pay £1 for handling! how lame is that!
in anycase it was a letter to say that i have an interview!! yay! i applied for the Year 0 of the Set and Costume design for Performance. yay! i’m really excited! i was excited for my last one too! ^^
i’m so happy i’ve got a date through! i hope i can dazzle them this time, last time was a bit of a failure but now i’m older, i’ve done work experiance and i’m wiser about what’s to be expected of me and this is also the year below the one i got an interview for last year whcih i didn’t know about. ^^ i’m absolutely determind to get onto this course!!

mum went to the warehouse yoday and stocked up on amazing american stuff we used to get when we lived there. it’s so awesome. i love nerds. xD i got a bg box of nerds and gobstoppers and some gobstoppers candy canes. saves me from spending a fortune at cyber candy, xD


One Response to “Many many arms….”

  1. Rad December 12, 2008 at 2:21 am #

    Too bad that Tsunku gave up on Ongaku Gatas so soon. I will not be looking forward to their graduation along with the rest of the Elder Club in March 2009.

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