Out with the old in with the new

13 Dec

So a few changes have happened.
not many and they’re not particularly interesting/important but i lead a slow, uneventful life ok?

first is my phone strap! my Nono phone strap finally arrived yesterday and i changed it right away from this: sdc103121

to this: sdc103131


Hooray! In general I’m not a huge Nono fan but i just couldn’t pass this up when i saw it.

The second thing is that i have re-dyed my hair again. the pink before washed out really fast! much quicker than usual, maybe because the bleach was new and didn’t hold the colour long enough.

Going up to london tommorrow! wahoo! Paul owes me a yakisoba pan! >w< i also need to buy more Wonka Nerds, i’ve reaten almost the whole family sixed box mum got me the other day already!! but they’re so good! i can’t help it!

Today we’ve been prearing the house for our guests that are arriving at 6 tonight. we know them from when my brother was in the hospital for …. a month i think it was. they were also there because they also have kids with juvenile arthritis. so we’re all families in the same boat, they’re good fun.
anyways, i have (un graciously) volunteered my room for one pair of mum n dad to stay in. my room was automatically elected the guest room as soon as we moved in. luckily i’m staying at my boyfriend’s tonight so i’m not really being forced to sleep anywhere weird. but i’m not 100% happy about them staying in my room. it’ll smell of them afterwards and it’ll be gross!
that happened when my grandparents came to stay of a week. my room smelt of them for ages afterward, sleeping in a room that smells of your grandparents is not good! it’s so wrong! *shudder*

Been cruising the web and i’ve decided on a couple of things.
1: I want Yossie’s t-shirt from the lastest Come Together! Tour.
2: I REALLY want Sayumi’s Resonant Live t-shirt from HAROPROLAND on ebay.
3: I also want to buy C-ute’s album when it’s released in February. the Tracklist looks amazing
4: I need to buy more H!P merchandise. there’s some cool stuff ou there. if my Sayumi Mousemat is anything to go by.
5: I WANT A YOSSIE PHONE STRAP! now i have my Nono one, it’s made me want a yossie phone strap more than anything. but ther’s one tiny little problem to that, they don’t exist! there aren’t ANY yossie phone straps or charms to be found anywhere. Gatas keychain sure, but it’s kind of ugly. but absolutely no phone straps. it doesn’t help considering i collect the damn things. i want a yossie one! it’s so frustrating!

If anyone finds any please message me or something with a link asap!

Hope you have an excellent weekend everyone! I shall take photos of my fun in london on monday after my driving lesson!


Some Photos since my last post:

Awesome Cauliflower

Awesome Cauliflower

I would also like to takethis moment to laugh in the face of anyon e who owns the KagoTsuji PB without the pop-up in the back.
I didn’t even know when i bought it! >w<




2 Responses to “Out with the old in with the new”

  1. paul.thomas December 14, 2008 at 9:00 pm #

    How crap am I?! I even saw you on the phone and didn’t have a look at your Nono phone strap! :S

    😥 no pop up in my PB…I didnt even know about the pop up until you mentioned it the other day. But it does look really good!! So jealous!! I’ll have to go back and look over my copy I’m guessing I’ll be able to see where it once was…

  2. Shirow December 22, 2008 at 7:53 pm #

    Ahhh … I haven’t had a look through that photobook in over at least a year … kinda mkaes me feel sad though.

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