A day of….. spending lots of money. T_T

15 Dec

My wallet and bank account now hate me.

Went up to london to mooch around with the boyfriend and meet up with Paul.
it was good fun, he’s a nice person in real life as well as online. see? i can make real friends! so neh neh nehneh neh to my family.

Started of the day waking up feeling much better than i expected as the night before i got quite tipsy. and on only an archer’s and coke, a blue lagoon and a shot of apple sourz.
i don’t think i’d have been that bad, i can hold my drink, but i was pretty much forced to drink the gigantic glass of blue lagoon through a straw really fast by the ever loving boyfriend. and as i was sitting down i didn’t feel the effects until a: i started craving chips and b: i stood up and lmost fell flat on my face.
well at least someone enjoyed himself. it was fun except when i almost fell over peeing in the dark because i was too desperate to wait till we got home. i didn’t need to go too badly when we left. but the loos were full and there was a queue anyways…..

but whatever. this morning i felt fine and after an hour of attempting to wake and getup, i hobbled into my clothes (many layers of tops, my Hangry & Angry Shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of legwarmers and my rainbow hat) and rushed to get out of the house in time to catch the train.
i’ve only just realised that i hadn’t even eaten breakfast. no wander i was so hungry by the time we got to waterloo! but a bagel soon sorted that at lunchtime and we went off to….. meet paul! that was it!
met outside of Forbidden Planet and mooched about inside chatting, bought 2 more volumes of Happy Hustel High (it’s really god! *nod) and then we went to find some cheese. not my choice, Paul wanted some for his parents for xmas.
Myself and the boyfriend stood outside while he chose the cheese and then we went and got lost. but on the way found an adorable hello kitty filled shop of cuteness that i bet my bottom dollar i won’t be able to find again!
after we found our way again we nipped into Orbital so i could buy Neo magazine and THEN we went off to Cyber Candy where we spent much time oggling over candied ants and meal worm lolliepops.


after that we meandered over to leicestor sq, after stopping off at the shoe shop for my boyfriend to check out. and then promptly went to the Nippon and Korea centre before going to a cute little bookshop tucked right out of the way of china town. we looked for some H!P cds in there, i found Ayumi Hamasaki’s Rainbow album but didn’t buy it, we didn’t spend much time in there though and then went over to the Japan Centre to stock up on yummies.
Paul bought Friday magazine and i spent way too much money on more stuff i don’t REALLY need but want anyway. after visitng another shop i can’t remember the name of we went our seperate ways. all of that took 2.5 hours can you believe.

Myself and the boyfriend went to another cute filled shop to buy me some xmas prezzies and then hopped on the tube to go to Harrods!
it was exciting. i thought the window displays would be more xmassy at this tim eof year but now. which was dissappointig. we went inside and spent 15 minutes looking at £300 earmuffs and chincilla fur coats and £23,000 watches before feeling really really poor and walking out.
then we checked outr a ouple of other shops before getting on the tube to Waterloo, buying some burger king chips and heading home.

it was fun but as always, tiring.

So i spent way over my budget today, i don’t even know why i even set myself budgets, i never keep to them.

Paul is turning me into him!
I’ve started to become a hello project mechandise loving fangirl! and my wallet is but a shadow of it’s former self.

Something that was really nice was that he gave my a Kindai mini magazine all about the futsal teams and this. with a niiiiice big spread of yossie in it. love it. love it. love it.
i also manage to scrounge a Reina keyring off of him today too. >w< but he offered me it aages ago so it’s fine. i think.
i said if i couldn’t have this one i’d steal his Koha one. xD wasn’t ever gonna happen.

I’ve just bought Sayumi’s Resonant Live shirt from HAROPROLAND.
i’m paying on thursday when i get paid though. but still. i’m happy. i love sayu so much.
my bank account would love me more if i didn’t spend so much money online….

*yawn* ok i’m off to bed now. it’s super late. and i have driving tommorrow.
i’ll post photos tommorrow!

ja ne~!


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