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I GOT IN!!!!

29 Jan

Should have posted the other night when i found out but i was too busy celebrating!
and then my laptop died and i couldn’t be bothered to load it up again!

I got in! i got an Unconditional Offer for the course! I’m SO happy!
Best news ever. bar none!

suppose i should update on my arrivals too.

So my copy of the Frankie Boyle Live dvd came yesterday. watched it. some of his stuff was soooooo close.
it was all funny though. no wonder he’s my favourite person on Mock the Week.
I also got my copies of volumes 2 and 3 of Chibi Vampire. such a good story.

MY Ice Creamusume and SNSD albums arrived! ^_^
That made me really happy. i Love the SNSD album. it’s so easy to listen to. my favourites are Merry Go Round, Tinkerbell and Ooh La La.


Watched the DVD from the Ice Creamusume album too which was fun. it shows how they get ready for the shooting of the PV and all sorts. have to say, Guu-chan is so cute!! she’s so much cuter without that stupid pony tail on top of her. something about the angle and place of that ponytail makes her head look really tall and weird.
but it watching it just confirmed that Youko is my favourite. XD
so much fun.

speaking of H!P releases:

Ayaya’s newest single Chocolate Damashi has struck a place in my heart.
it’s so fun to listen to and it’s just awesome. i’m not much of an Ayaya fan but i really do like this song. (paul is currently rejoicing i’ll bet).

I was also a bad girl today. i downloaded $th Akogare MY STAR. i couldn’t help myself! i REALLY wanted this album but it was just too expensive on top of the Sexy 8 Best final night tshirt and paul’s presents so i had to forfit it. i’m hoping it will turn up on iTunes at some point though,
if not i’ll buy it when i’m in Japan. >w<
Not listened to the whole thing yet but i’m rubbish at reviews anyways. i quite like Yes All my Family….. but that’s kind of it right now. it’s only the 4th track or something though so whatever.

ALSO!!!!!! It’s been announced that Hangry and Angry arte going to be releasing a new single!!!! YAAAAY!!! As yossie’s biggest evar fan i’m SO going to be buying this one too. All they need to do to make my dreams come true is come on over the London and do a concert!!


Ugh….. the boyfriend right now. don’t get me wrong, i love him and all, but i wish he’d just accept that i have an older friend. he’s thinks it’s really weird because i "don’t know him" that well and thing and it just pisses me off that he can’t just accept that i’m friends with him. the way he says "what does a 30 year-old want to be friends with and 18-year-old for?" makes him sound like a creepy otaku (oh wait…… XD) or something. it’s just so annoying.
It’s be nice if i could just get on with being friends without him moaning…. although maybe i shouldn’t have told him just how much i spent the other day………
in ANY case.
it annoys me.
i think he’s just jealous. but i haven’t had a proper friend since school (no really. sure the friends at college were friends but we hardly ever spent time together outside of college) so it’s nice to have someone to talk to finally about other stuff with. and mess around with in a different way than i mess about with him.
i love that boy and all but really……. stop hogging me. XD

My wallet is crying right now. spent so much money!! Y_Y Damn exchange rate!!!


As Promised

26 Jan

Happy Chinese New year by the way!
Gung How Fat Choi (or something)
Hooray for year of the Ox!
Happy Hatsuharu day!

Ok so here we have my H!P and manga colection.
my manga collection has almost doubled in size since i last tried taking photos of it so i tried again. but i couldn’t be bothered to get it all off the shelf so the photos are of it on the shelf.

My entire collection stretching from anime on the far left to princess diaries far right. won’t cover either of those though. just manga. ^^
if i had zoomed in any further i would have cut something off. >w<


Left to right:
After I Win – Yaoi Manga
Chibi Vampire volume 1 – excellent manga and anime (Karin), got volumes 2 and 3 on order. ^^
DearS Entire series – by the same manga-kas as Shugo Chara and Rosen Maiden. Very Chobits-esque.
Cosplay Kuromi-chan – it’s ok. nothing special.
Drama Con volumes 1, 2 and 3 and the ultimate collector’s edition signed by Svetlana Chmakova – one of my favourite series ever. highly reccommended
Free Collars Kingdom volume 1 – it was ok. not a great manga. reason why the rest aren’t there. ^^


Fruits Basket – Entire series so far (volumes 1 to 21) plus the Cat Fanbook and the Sticker Collection. I love Furuba, what else can i say??


Happy Hustle High – entire series. loved it. an excellent manga for growed-up people.
Loveless – volumes 1-8. Another great series. the love between Soubi and Ritsuka is just divine. wish Tokyo Pop would hurry up translating it though….. or whatsit would hurry up writing it. >w<
Magical x Miracle, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – volume one of both. didn’t really like either of them.
Missile Happy – volume 1 and 2. it’s a good manga, entertaining story line but not one that made me want to buy all the volumes in quick succession. i’ll probably end up collecting the rest over time though.
Nui – volume one. it was ok. bought it cause it looked cute. couple of potential cosplays in there though.
Othello – entire series. Love this manga. it was excellent. also highly reccommended!
Princess Ai – entire series. one of my first mangas. it was good but difficult to read twice.

Othello, Princess Ai again.
Shugo Chara! – volumes 1 to 5. currently my favourite manga next to furuba. i love it. i seem to be very attracted to Peach-Pit’s work. ^^
Tokyo Mew Mew – volume 1. bought for my cousin but she didn’t want it
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode – volumes 1 and 2. bought the first one at expo to read out of bordem and curiosity. volume 2 was bought to complete the collection. not very into Tokyo Mew Mew as a whole though.

Ooooook. so that’s my manga collection…. pretty impressive i think….?

onto my teeny-in-comparison H!P collection. ^^
Left to right again:
Keys: Tsuji nozomi key ring and Tanaka Reina rubix cube key ring (present from Paul)
Tsuji nozomi mini towel and sticker.
Momusu photos (all of those were free from buying things from HaroProland)
Michishige Sayumi t-shirt, wrist band and photo.
Rainbow 7 CD and Morning Musume BEST 1 CD
Live Revolution 21 (Yuko’s Grad concert)
Hello! Project 2005 Winter All Stars Dairanbu, a Happy New Power! )Kaori’s grad concert)
Hello! Project 2007 10th Anniversary Natsu Matsuri, Hello! Project Winter Box set, Wonderful Hearts Land 2006 Summer (Konkon and Mako’s grad concert)

Morning Musume 2009 Calender (ok so it’s only the front page but i still have it. >w<)
Yossie PBs: Yossui and 8Teen
KagoTsuji PB, 50W pb and C-ute mini PB

I also forgot to add in that group my Sayumi Mouse mat and I also bought a Sexy 8 Beat t-shirt today from the final concert in Saitama.

and so concludes my itty bitty H!P collection. ^^

The End.

Has it really only been a week?

26 Jan

Has it really only been a week since my last post? feels like it’s been FOREVER.
So i had my Uni interview on Thursday….. i think it went ok….
I feel like i did better this time around but we’ll find out sometime this week i guess. *bites nails*

On a slightly more interesting note, i’ve beed looking at the Hello! Project Elder Club Thank you for your LOVE! merchandise on ohta’s store…….. the exchange rate right now is so abismal i don’t think it’s worth it buynig anything right now. T_T
already spent a fortune on paul’s birthday present today so i don’t think it’ll happen. shame. oh well.
Yossie’s hair completely put me off anyways. eriously! has anyone seen it???? It’s AWFUL!
it’s like she fell asleep outside and some bird decided it was a good place to build a nest. yes birdie, we all know we want yossie for ourselves but couldn’t you do it while still making her look awesome?
in anycase, it’s awful lol!

I’m mad at my postie.
I ordered the Ice Creamusume album the other day of yesasia. Paul got his copy meer days afterwards and i haven’t had any mail in about a week. Dammit postie! i want my mail!!!

So, list of things i’m currently owed by my postie:
~ SNSD volume 1, first album
~ Ice Creamusume 1st best album
~ 2 volumes of the Chibi Vampire Manga
~ Frankie Boyle’s live DVD
~ 2 H!P pictures (meant for paul’s birthday but his main present was so expensive i haven’t decided if i should still give them to him or not >ww<

Made Dinner tonight. Yakitori and stir-fry. it was SO good i could have eaten it all over again! if i wasn’t so stuffed i mean. ^^ so good.
I used pork instead of chicken which made a nice change to the chicken streak we’d been on. XD
i’ll post the recipe up later sometime.

Oh how happy i am we’re friends…..

17 Jan

So apart from getting picked on for most of today i had a great time!

Met up with Paul in london again to mess around in the shops. only meant to be up there for a few hours and 7 hours later i got my train home. it was good fun!

So at about 8am this morning, even before my alarm went off i was out of bed. mainly because i was uber nervous but also i could here my dog sitting outside my door whining to be let out which i did and promtly returned to the safety of my bed for another 5 minutes before my tummy started churning with a: hunger and b: more nervousness.
I didn’t really have any reason to be nervous but i always am when it comes to meeting people i hardly know in person: Will they be the same as last time? what if they’re not? what if they’re so different i get scared and have to run away? why am i DOING this?!?! you know, the usual.
in anycase, looking out the window this morning put me into a state of despare: rain! it was tipping it down! buckets and buckets! the first thought that was running through my head was “oh, great, just my luck!”
anyhow,i got dressed into my purple skinny jeans, cow print skirt, purple “cosmo star wonder love” t-shirt over 2 other layers and my bright pink cardigan, adorned my make up and headed off to the station. one thing that did surprise me was just how warm it was today! i didn’t even need to use my extra layer until it got dark and i’d eaten some ice cream.
sitting on the train the nervousness came back in spurts but i ignored it and wished i’d brought a book to read. found out when i got the london that paul would be 45mins late and so took the liberty of wandering up the road to forbidden planet, allowing myself to get distracted by the uber cuteness of my faovurite shop ever for a good 10 minutes. should have bought something but didn’t. i ambled on up to forbiden planet to mooch in the manga and anime section for another half hour.
may i just take this moment to say Nya nya nya nya nya in the face of this post to say that there was a beautiful blue sky over London this morning! so there.

aaanyways, after what felt like forever looking at manga i wasn’t interested in, paul finally showed up and after wandering to the horror section *shudder* went upstairs so i could pay. (last two volumes of Othello ftw! ‘m rapidly running out of manga series to read now, will have to start on a new one!). we then…… what did we do? oh yeah! GOT LOST! we were looking for another store full of cuteness we had found last time we got lost around the seven dials round about. and to find something you found while lost obviously calls for getting lost again which is what we did. we wandered in circles for aaages, me following paul and feeling a: bemused and b: amused as he led us from one wrong street to the other, needless to say we found our way again but only by accident.
after thaaat…… we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat lunch. i think we atually walked for miles before finding a place paul had eaten at once while drunk but we found it and we chowed down. it was really good, the only thing was it was too big for me to finish! i will have to get used to eating more at meal times if i’m going to be polite when i go to japan, i felt so bad. i had so much left but i just couldn’t eat it.
we also got some pikcles, which were…… ok i think, i liked the ginger and some hot sake which we shared, we were in that little place for a long long time just chatting but when it came to pay we found out that they didn’t accept cards! poor paul had to run aaaaaall the way to wherever it was to find a cash point, by the time he’d come back i’d read half of a manga book after he had almost caught his breathe we left and by this time the sky had clouded over.

I think we then meandered over to the japan centre to purchase some goodies and in pauls case a teapot and since we couldn’t find any panko in the place (seriously!) then made our way to the Nippon and Korea centre where we found some. ……

then we decided to go to berriwck street, i needed fabric samples for my UNI portfolio but unfortunately didn’t find anything i thought was suitable so decided to research it some more and go to Fabric Land in Basingstoke to get what i wanted on monday. by this time i was starting to get quite dark and we walked out and down regent street stopping off at Beard Papa on the way simply because it’s so yummy and then popped into Hamley’s for a nose around. it was good fun! they have this weird fake snow in there and feels so odd, when you squishit in you hand it feels like silly putty but it’s all sepperated a gel-like, wet but dry, it was odd in anycase.
after this we carried on and then went to Rendezvous and shared a mint chocolate chip. i was teased mercilessly for eating more than him. i’m not sure if shareing an ice cream (we had 2 spoons) was odd or not but i feel so comfortable around him, to be honest i don’t care. then after like an hour of chatting and teasing eachother we went over to cyber candy for even more goodies….. or did we got to cyber candy first? i can’t remember.
after that i decided to head home because it was quarter to 7 by that time.
after a hug goodbye i got on the tube for an un eventful train ride home.

what can i say? i had alot of fun today, it was really nice being in the company of someone who is so like-minded as me as he is. even though i got teased and picked on alot, it was all good natured and made me laugh. i was happy i made him laugh alot too, i don’t think of myself as a particularly funny person and sometimes my jokes are lost on some people but we’re so similar i’m surprised he couldn’t guess what i was going to say.
it was a little strange at times but because i’m so used to walking with the boyfriend i always link arms with him and hold his hand and i really had to keep catching myself before i did the same, or held his sleeve or something.
i dunno, it was nice, 11 years doesn’t seem so much of a huge age gap when you get on so well. ><
it was rather amusing in the restaurant/cafe, we totally got the "couple" table! all the others were in rows and we got the only two person table on the ground floor. it was quite amusing.
one of the guys in berrwick street thought we were together and then there were the people in rendezvous as well. it was all highly amusing on my part.
i bet Chris is grilling him now on how he also thinks we’re an item or something is "going on".
it’s all quite funny really.

it was a fun day ^^

Homework, Workwork and co. no. mi. chi

11 Jan

Been studying my japanese recently….. benkyo benkyo…

 It’s been fairly fun actually, it’s an enjoyable janguage to learn. i know alot more than i thought i did though! i’ve made myself proud…

Benkyo benkyo…..

Been working on my uni portfolio aswell…. also interesting. some people may think putting one together is boring but i’v really enjoyed filing through the weaker pages and making them stronger by adding extra things and the such.

been trying to work on my interview project, i want to do The Nutcracker for it because i do like the story and i guess ballets may not be done as much as things like books and film scripts.
Mum is so very “YOU MUST STAND OUT RAWR!” with this stuff…. i KNOW i need to have good work to get onto this course but plain characters are ok to do as well. i have the elaborate character, the nutcracker, and the plainer character, Clara. i can make her costume elaborate too. that’s what skills i need as a costume designer anyways!
damn parents….

benkyo benkyo matta benkyo

got my driving lesson at 9.15 tommorrow! Y_Y it’s my first one since before christmas so wish me luck ok?!

AH! i forgot to post but the PV for is up now! it’s really awesome. i love the song, Momoko’s voice at some points doesn’t sound like her at all. it’s excellent.
the PV in general is fairly good, the dance shots are suuuper white and looks great, especially with their black and white outfits. and my i say now that i AM stealing momoko’s skirt. no choice, i need it.
The whole thing really reminds me of the W PV for Aa! Iina!

over all it’s a really fun song! ^^

I’m seriously considering right now that i should try and make my own kotatsu…… i mean, i’s just a short legged table with a heater inside, and blanket over the top and a plank of wood on the top for the table top huh? i just need to find a heater that isn’t a fan heater and i’ll be set! >w<

Kusumi Koharu Happy Happy Sunday PV!

9 Jan

Hmm what to write without insulting her…..

haha! no i’m on my like 5th listen and it’s growing on me, when i first heard it i was like “whuuuuut! O.o” but it’s actually quite fun to listen to.
It’s completely different from her other Kirari stuff but also completely the same…. not that that makes any sense.

The producers of the kirari PVs seems to have slipped into a sequence we can see in almost all of them.
Start’s off in a room… a bedroom of some sort… sound familiar? just wait.
We first get a shot of a tv (an old one but a tv non the less) which just screams Chance! and Papancake…. oh and koi kana and just possibly Happy! too. (although in Chance, it was a mirror).
So the bedroom, as usual it’s decked out with a bed and a dressing table and is decorated in hideously garish colours. There’s that trusty yellow star but in a slightly different position to the last PVs. thankfully she’s gotten rid of that Podium but i think that’s because she’s moving around alot more in the dance shots.
The usual Dance shots mixed up with shorts of her messing around in the room and on the green screen and there’s a few close up shots in there too.
She’s gotten right of the poofy dresses and opted for shorts instead in this PV and we have another changing outfit (although not as massive as the Chance! dres is, this time it’s just a cape type thing on 2 fluffy pink wands). it’s a cute outfit over all though, and its a nice change from hugely bright colours, just simple white with pink bows and pink flowers.

I do like this song now i listen to it and it seems that whoever writes the Kirari songs (Tsunku?) has opted for a slightly toned down theme overall, same with Tan Tan Taan! the over all sound of this song is gentle and more feminine and doesn’t really grate on your brain as much as Papancake did.

Don’t let the first few lines put you off though, they’re very Pinpon Pan Taisou-esque and some of you who didn’t like that song might just click of then. but it get’s better, really.

Happy Happy Sunday!


8 Jan

So I downloaded SNSD’s new mini album “Gee” today and it’s totally official. i’m in love with these girls.
I really do love this album! and i’m only the 4th song in so far.
It’s just….. excellent.
The songs are up beat and happy when they need to be and there’s a slow-ish song that really shows off each girl’s voice. it’s really great!

I was walking home listening to Gee the single today and it just makes me smile. it’s such a great upbeat, feel-good song and really made me walk in time with the beat.

Got forced to download Wonder Girls album The Wonder Years last night by a certain someone. and i really am not too sure about it.
I like Tell Me but that’s kind of it. i think i need to listen to it again before i give my absolute opinion though.
but you can’t deny they’re all good vocalists.

I’ve been thinking about my japan trip and apart from being totally over the top excited, i’ve compiled a list of things i MUST do while i’m there:

In no particular order:

1~ Go to a Hot Spring – it’s just a must do. i think i’m more comfortable about being naked with people in a giant pool of hot water than a guy would be. but i’m wandering what girlies do about their top…. parts. lol!
i also need to sing Momiji’s song while i’m in there. JUST to be annoying. or the english version.

2~ Visit the H!P official stores – just…. just….. i gotta do it ok??

3~ Visit Otome Road – also another must-do for an anime/cosplay fan.

4~ Go to some kind of H!P concert – what? you mean i can’t go to the country i worship and go to see the music group i also worship while i’m there??? *punch*

5~ Visit Kyoto – i wanna go see some geisha and that awesome huge bridge and feed those deer dammit!

6~ Visit Harajuku – cause i mean, doi, where else am i going to get Takuya Angel stuff??

7~ Visit a shrine and take a photo of or with a shrine maiden – just cause they’re so Moe.

8~ Kareoke! – Cause what’s better than sitting in a teeny sound proofed room and singing your heart out to random songs you hardly know?!

9~ go to one of those awesome underground shopping malls – cause it’s just so japanese, man!

10~ Go to a Purikura boothe – a real one i tell you!

^_^V yey!