Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Hello! everyone! how was your new year?
I spent most of new years eve cuddling a kitty. quite fitting seeing as i was wearing my kitty ears!
It was nice and relaxing anyways.

With some of my christmas money i bought a pair of TUK shoes, i’m sure if any of you have been to camden you’ve seen the stalls selling the shoes with the cat faces on the front? i’ve wanted a pair for ages and discovered them while browsing ebay (a dangerous sport) so bought a pair! ^^ i look forward to wearing them. originally i was after a pair of double upper lo-top converse i saw in a shop in town but by the time i went to buy them they’d sold out!!!! T_T i was so gutted. i’ve been spending ages looking online for the same pair but i just can’t find any. i’m not sure whether i should buy some directly from the converse wesite… you know, design my own? but with the shipping and handling as well as the $65 to design them, i might aswell buy 2 pairs in a shop…… *sigh* i do love converse though. i’m gonna keep looking.

I’ve also bought myself a good few DVDs! i don’t usually buy DVDs. it’s just not something i do and although i have an anime collection, anime usually isn’t something i buy anymore. i just don’t. i just think that for 4 episodes, you have to pay far too much money for it so i resort to Veoh or youtube instead. unless it’s an anime i’ll know i’ll watch over and over *coughLuckyStarcough*. however, when i saw that amazon were selling “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” at slightly cheaper than the shops i had to buy it and let me tell you it is excellent! i know it was already a book but the story is flawless. the animation could have been better but it was horrible to look at and was nice and fluid so it was ok and the English Dub voice actors were pretty good! it was just a really awesome and fun film to watch and if you’re planning on getting any anime movie this year, this film has to be it. trust me, it’s brilliant!
I also bought Mulan. My all time favourite disney film and my favourite disney princess. i don’t think i need to go into detail but i just love it. Mushu is so awesome.
When i went to town (to originally buy the converse but couldn’t) i also went into HMV. I’ve been looking for Sleepy Hollow for a while and i decided that it would probably be cheaper to try and find it in a store than getting it off ebay, what with P & P on top of even the cheaper prices i’d have to pay more in the end so i asked the dude at the till if they had it and the poor guy had to battle his way through to the right shelf (because i’m obviously blind and couldn’t see it). HMV that day was PACKED and the line went right to the back of the store! and the store is pretty big! I haven’t watched sleepy hollow yet, i need to pluck up the courage. it says it’s a horror and i’m not good with horror films and knowing tim burton it’ll be dark and twisted too. T_T On that day i also bought Enchanted. i LOVE that film, Amy Adams is so good in it. not to mention the costumes are excellent! it’s just a fun twist on the usual disney princessy setting. love it. plus Timothy Spall was great in it. i love him right now. he’s in everything.

Speaking of him, has anyone been watching the new Oliver Twist series on Watch recently? it’s so good!!! i’ve missed the past 2 nights though Y_Y i need to catch up. it was excellent. and once again Timothy Spall was outstanding. not to mention the appearence of my 2 favourite Green Wing actors Julian Rhind-Tutt and Michelle Gomez! thee’s something about Julian that makes him so gorgeous! i think it has to do with those cheek bones….

Onto the christmas presents, by far the best 2 i got where my bunny hoodie and my Morning Musume Calendar.
i love them both. the calendar is amazing. so huge! the photos are great! i can even stand having ai looking at me with this calender. it’s excellent.
I’ve been thinking about getting the C-ute calendar too. it looks so good from the previews but £33 is a bit excessive to spend on a calendar anyways and no matter how much i want it i just don’t think it’s worth it for that amount of money. even if they are huge. *sigh*

Just finished watching sleepy hollow and it is brilliant! it was so good. had to ask my brother if i’d be scard or not, took no notice of what he said, watched it and loved it. the special effects were so cool! i got a bit confused at a couple points but nothing another watch couldn’t sort out.
but oh man the costumes! it makes me so much more eager to get into university! i just love them and just want to start learning how to make corsets and everything properly alreayd! it’s frustrating not being able to do it professionally.

i was saying the other day that i dont know what i’d do if i didn’t have bigger aspirations. i don’t think i could stand working in retail all my life. i don’t have judjments or whatever on people who arehappy with doing that but if i didn’t have bigger plans for myself and bigger ideas i don’t think i’d be able to cope. >w<


i’ve decided to add a seperate section for Cosplays and sewing things. i’ll be adding tips and suggestions and possibly a few tutorials or something. i’ll also add a Cooking page. If, like Paul, you are usless at cooking please take a look at that page for interesting recipes simplified by me. ^^

Ok, that’s all for now,thank you if you’ve read my blog at all in the past, and let’s all have an even better 2009! ^_^


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