New Blog! and arrival of H!P goodies!

3 Jan

So let me just start off by saying i’ve created another blog “Hexi’s Cookery Class” where i’ll be posting all my recipes from now on.
Please keep checking Here for new recipes and tips and photos! ^_^

Ok onto the main post!
So my Sayu shirt and Yossie “8Teen” PB arrived yesterday!

I text mum while i was at work asking if i had any mail and my reply was along the lines of (OMG yes! HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND?!”)
hmm…. do you want the actual answer or a lie?
reply: “Not alot. i’m careful. and i bought them way before christmas!”
which is half true. the Sayu shirt was orderd a while ago….. the yossie pb was only bought on christmas eve though. >w<

In anycase, once again i am exstatic with my PB purchase. Marblebooks is an excellent second hand book store on ebay and all of the books i’ve bought from them have arrived in fantastic condition and usually with all their original covers and extras.
This PB was no exception and where i wouldn’t expect a second hand book to still contain it’s original extras anyway, tucked inside the cover was a gorgeous Yossie poster! i couldn’t believe it! i was so happy! it’s definitely from the PB because the images and clothes are the same.

the images inside are stunning too. alot of black and white ones though which are a little odd but do help give the book an over all feeling of mystery. by far the best ones are of the ones with the aquarium. she just looks stunning in that half light.

it’s completely different from her first one. Next stop: “Hello! Yossui!” essay book!

Now the sayu shirt.
i love it.
The print on the front is amazing! it’s currently hanging on a hanger on my door handle to try and get the creases from the packaging out of it. it’s pretty huge but with some shorts and legwarmers it’ll look cute!
the wrist band is weird. it’s huge! and her name hardly fits on it! i want to wear it but i’ve alreayd managed to get pen on it while i was doodling last night so i dont entirely trust myself.
anyway. it came with the usual photo of sayu doing her Usa-chan Peace and also another free photo of the whole of momusu on stage in those horrendous green and yellow fluff outfits. >w<

Was talking to my friend last night, the one who is moving to japan with her new husband and i’ve pretty much completely figured out when i can visit.
She moves out in march, if i can go over during the last 2 weeks of April then i can have eough money for the things i need.
See, Paul managed to go over with £700 not including money for flights. If i can save up a grand i can buy my plane ticket which is about £500 for a return. then i have £500 spending money. (plus food and drink and travel). if i go over on the 16th of April to the 30th of April, i get paid on the 23rd which is right in the middle. so i have more money to spend after!!!! I’m obviously a genius. also, going in april will gives me 2 extra months plus the summer to work my butt off to make up money for uni as opposed to only 3.
in 3 months on my salary now i can save up £1200 by saving £400 a month.

Over all i won’t be too impoverished, i just need to give up buying H!P stuff for a while. ^_^

Now i just gotta explain it calmly and maturely to mum and try to convince her to let me go.
Plus i’ll be saving a tonne on accomodation if i’ll be staying with my pal! ^^

oh! and all the while saving up to pay my nan back for my car! ^^


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