Mah Noo Shooz and Naichou Kamo

7 Jan

So my new shoes arrived today! they’re so cute! and the one word that popped into my head when i got them out of the box was “kawaii!”.
seriously! you see these kinda shoes in Camden market for usually like £35 – £40 but i got these brand new on ebay for just over £15! Bargain!
the place had lots of pairs in different colours and patterns but i thought that the black ones would be best…. please forgive the blurry photo, it’s hard to take photos of you’re own feet!



I’ve been listening to Naichou Kamo the past couple days. and i managed to sift from all the bad quality previews a good quality full version of the song!
At first listen i loved it.
after a few hours of surfing and listening to other momusu recent releases and the such like i went to bed and with a fresh mind this morning I went back and am listening to it again.
I still love it but there’s something that’s bugging me….. it sounds suspiciously like Onna Ni Sachi Are…. i don’t know what it’s called but recently H!P have really liked the synthetic kind of “Da! da da!” noises.
and Naichou Kamo is no different. i mean i love it, i really do like it but it just sound so……. samey.
i guess because Onna Ni Sachi Are sold quite well they took elements of it and put it into this new single but at least Mikan and Resonant Blue are so very different.
Now i’ve noticed this down side with Naichou Kamo i’m a bit dubious as to whether it will sell all that well……
it’s really good though. but then again i really liked Mikan too….. so maybe that’s a sign. >w<

I was reading Stardust’s post on how UFA really need to up the quality of their PVs and not only have i just fallen in love with Girls Generation or SNSD or whatever’s single Gee, i have also noticed that every word on that post is true. UFA have been doing a really awful job on PVs recently. i mean Pepper Keibu and Madayade were pretty damn awful. i think the costume designer was having a serious off day when they designed those Madayade outfits.
UFA have really been skimping on the PVs in general though, Yes, we all know it costs alot to make a PV but UFA themselves aren’t failing, concerts are always packed, merchandise is selling ok and that must make up for the loss on singles. but all that needs is a new assistant producer or someone who can bring in a new feel and sound to songs that H!P desperately needs.
i mean, remember when a morning musume PV had a dance shot, a close up and 2 different outfit versions of one song all in the same PV? now they’ve cut it down to a dance shot and a close up, or a dance shot and a second outfit version or something.
you don’t have to spend tonnes of money to make a good PV. just good sense.
rant over.


2 Responses to “Mah Noo Shooz and Naichou Kamo”

  1. nya January 7, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    Hey! I don’t think I’ve commented here yet… I followed a link from Hello! Blog to here not long ago…

    I lovelovelove those shoes! wa~nt!

    I quite liked the Pepper Keibu PV… but I think that was just because I was mesmerised by the sparkly outfits. o_o I think I’m just immune to low budget stuff.

  2. Shirow March 11, 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    I want those shoes.

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