8 Jan

So I downloaded SNSD’s new mini album “Gee” today and it’s totally official. i’m in love with these girls.
I really do love this album! and i’m only the 4th song in so far.
It’s just….. excellent.
The songs are up beat and happy when they need to be and there’s a slow-ish song that really shows off each girl’s voice. it’s really great!

I was walking home listening to Gee the single today and it just makes me smile. it’s such a great upbeat, feel-good song and really made me walk in time with the beat.

Got forced to download Wonder Girls album The Wonder Years last night by a certain someone. and i really am not too sure about it.
I like Tell Me but that’s kind of it. i think i need to listen to it again before i give my absolute opinion though.
but you can’t deny they’re all good vocalists.

I’ve been thinking about my japan trip and apart from being totally over the top excited, i’ve compiled a list of things i MUST do while i’m there:

In no particular order:

1~ Go to a Hot Spring – it’s just a must do. i think i’m more comfortable about being naked with people in a giant pool of hot water than a guy would be. but i’m wandering what girlies do about their top…. parts. lol!
i also need to sing Momiji’s song while i’m in there. JUST to be annoying. or the english version.

2~ Visit the H!P official stores – just…. just….. i gotta do it ok??

3~ Visit Otome Road – also another must-do for an anime/cosplay fan.

4~ Go to some kind of H!P concert – what? you mean i can’t go to the country i worship and go to see the music group i also worship while i’m there??? *punch*

5~ Visit Kyoto – i wanna go see some geisha and that awesome huge bridge and feed those deer dammit!

6~ Visit Harajuku – cause i mean, doi, where else am i going to get Takuya Angel stuff??

7~ Visit a shrine and take a photo of or with a shrine maiden – just cause they’re so Moe.

8~ Kareoke! – Cause what’s better than sitting in a teeny sound proofed room and singing your heart out to random songs you hardly know?!

9~ go to one of those awesome underground shopping malls – cause it’s just so japanese, man!

10~ Go to a Purikura boothe – a real one i tell you!

^_^V yey!


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