8 Jan

Ok so i’ve been cheating and listening to previews of a few songs that are about to be released.

among them are by Buono! which is very Buono! sounding. i love it but then again i love Buono!
They have a particular sound to them which just reminds me of the summer holidays. i listened to Cafe Buono! almost non-stop last summer and they’re particular sound just brings me back to then. You can listen to a lowish quality version here.

I’ve been trying to scout around for Koharu’s new singles Happy Happy Sundae too but i can’t find anything other than a bad live recording from the Wonderful hearts concert and i must say that at this very moment i’m not very impressed. it just doesn’t sound like it will sound good…. this can also be found here i have to say though that i do like the chorus.
I think Koha lovers will like this. others…. it make take a few listens to get used to doesn’t sound quite as obnoxious as a Papancake which i love so hopefully it won’t be too much like a cheese grater on our brains.
The outfit is very Midori from Guitar Hero too.

I’ve decided i’m completely in love with Naichou Kamo too. it’s just……. great to listen to. here’s a live recording.

I have to say though this song goes weirdly well with the Resonant Blue PV. check it out. either the song goes great with the PV or the person did a great job mixing it.

Looks like i’ll be able to actually buy Naichou Kamo, Wonderful Hearts and Elder Club, and tonnes of other stuff in april because I’M GOING TO JAPAN! i was worried cause my friend sent such a short reply to a message on facebook i sent her, i was going “shit shit, doe that mean she doesn’t want me to go anymore” but it was only her husband replying! I’m going out there!!! I’m going to be going and staying with her in their apartment, then about mid week we’re gonna head up to Tokyo and spend a couple nightsin Tokyo and then head back down and hopefully stop off at Kyoto on the way back! We’re gonna go to hotsprings and all sorts. I am SO excited! there’s so much i want to do i don’t think i’ll know where to start!

I’ve started to study japanese aswell.
I’m using this book Genki. it’s pretty good. haven’t done anything major yet, gotta wait till Paul finds his copy so we can study it together. lol
but i have a book called essential japanese and i was testing myself in the test sections and i knew alot more than i thought i did. i guess you pic up alot more watching anime than i thought.
anyway, i think i’d be able to get by, i can ask for a lot of things and everything, i just gotta brush up on my hiragana so i can read stuff. >w<

SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!


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