Kusumi Koharu Happy Happy Sunday PV!

9 Jan

Hmm what to write without insulting her…..

haha! no i’m on my like 5th listen and it’s growing on me, when i first heard it i was like “whuuuuut! O.o” but it’s actually quite fun to listen to.
It’s completely different from her other Kirari stuff but also completely the same…. not that that makes any sense.

The producers of the kirari PVs seems to have slipped into a sequence we can see in almost all of them.
Start’s off in a room… a bedroom of some sort… sound familiar? just wait.
We first get a shot of a tv (an old one but a tv non the less) which just screams Chance! and Papancake…. oh and koi kana and just possibly Happy! too. (although in Chance, it was a mirror).
So the bedroom, as usual it’s decked out with a bed and a dressing table and is decorated in hideously garish colours. There’s that trusty yellow star but in a slightly different position to the last PVs. thankfully she’s gotten rid of that Podium but i think that’s because she’s moving around alot more in the dance shots.
The usual Dance shots mixed up with shorts of her messing around in the room and on the green screen and there’s a few close up shots in there too.
She’s gotten right of the poofy dresses and opted for shorts instead in this PV and we have another changing outfit (although not as massive as the Chance! dres is, this time it’s just a cape type thing on 2 fluffy pink wands). it’s a cute outfit over all though, and its a nice change from hugely bright colours, just simple white with pink bows and pink flowers.

I do like this song now i listen to it and it seems that whoever writes the Kirari songs (Tsunku?) has opted for a slightly toned down theme overall, same with Tan Tan Taan! the over all sound of this song is gentle and more feminine and doesn’t really grate on your brain as much as Papancake did.

Don’t let the first few lines put you off though, they’re very Pinpon Pan Taisou-esque and some of you who didn’t like that song might just click of then. but it get’s better, really.

Happy Happy Sunday!


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