Homework, Workwork and co. no. mi. chi

11 Jan

Been studying my japanese recently….. benkyo benkyo…

 It’s been fairly fun actually, it’s an enjoyable janguage to learn. i know alot more than i thought i did though! i’ve made myself proud…

Benkyo benkyo…..

Been working on my uni portfolio aswell…. also interesting. some people may think putting one together is boring but i’v really enjoyed filing through the weaker pages and making them stronger by adding extra things and the such.

been trying to work on my interview project, i want to do The Nutcracker for it because i do like the story and i guess ballets may not be done as much as things like books and film scripts.
Mum is so very “YOU MUST STAND OUT RAWR!” with this stuff…. i KNOW i need to have good work to get onto this course but plain characters are ok to do as well. i have the elaborate character, the nutcracker, and the plainer character, Clara. i can make her costume elaborate too. that’s what skills i need as a costume designer anyways!
damn parents….

benkyo benkyo matta benkyo

got my driving lesson at 9.15 tommorrow! Y_Y it’s my first one since before christmas so wish me luck ok?!

AH! i forgot to post but the PV for co.no.mi.chi is up now! it’s really awesome. i love the song, Momoko’s voice at some points doesn’t sound like her at all. it’s excellent.
the PV in general is fairly good, the dance shots are suuuper white and looks great, especially with their black and white outfits. and my i say now that i AM stealing momoko’s skirt. no choice, i need it.
The whole thing really reminds me of the W PV for Aa! Iina!

over all it’s a really fun song! ^^

I’m seriously considering right now that i should try and make my own kotatsu…… i mean, i’s just a short legged table with a heater inside, and blanket over the top and a plank of wood on the top for the table top huh? i just need to find a heater that isn’t a fan heater and i’ll be set! >w<


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