Oh how happy i am we’re friends…..

17 Jan

So apart from getting picked on for most of today i had a great time!

Met up with Paul in london again to mess around in the shops. only meant to be up there for a few hours and 7 hours later i got my train home. it was good fun!

So at about 8am this morning, even before my alarm went off i was out of bed. mainly because i was uber nervous but also i could here my dog sitting outside my door whining to be let out which i did and promtly returned to the safety of my bed for another 5 minutes before my tummy started churning with a: hunger and b: more nervousness.
I didn’t really have any reason to be nervous but i always am when it comes to meeting people i hardly know in person: Will they be the same as last time? what if they’re not? what if they’re so different i get scared and have to run away? why am i DOING this?!?! you know, the usual.
in anycase, looking out the window this morning put me into a state of despare: rain! it was tipping it down! buckets and buckets! the first thought that was running through my head was “oh, great, just my luck!”
anyhow,i got dressed into my purple skinny jeans, cow print skirt, purple “cosmo star wonder love” t-shirt over 2 other layers and my bright pink cardigan, adorned my make up and headed off to the station. one thing that did surprise me was just how warm it was today! i didn’t even need to use my extra layer until it got dark and i’d eaten some ice cream.
sitting on the train the nervousness came back in spurts but i ignored it and wished i’d brought a book to read. found out when i got the london that paul would be 45mins late and so took the liberty of wandering up the road to forbidden planet, allowing myself to get distracted by the uber cuteness of my faovurite shop ever for a good 10 minutes. should have bought something but didn’t. i ambled on up to forbiden planet to mooch in the manga and anime section for another half hour.
may i just take this moment to say Nya nya nya nya nya in the face of this post to say that there was a beautiful blue sky over London this morning! so there.

aaanyways, after what felt like forever looking at manga i wasn’t interested in, paul finally showed up and after wandering to the horror section *shudder* went upstairs so i could pay. (last two volumes of Othello ftw! ‘m rapidly running out of manga series to read now, will have to start on a new one!). we then…… what did we do? oh yeah! GOT LOST! we were looking for another store full of cuteness we had found last time we got lost around the seven dials round about. and to find something you found while lost obviously calls for getting lost again which is what we did. we wandered in circles for aaages, me following paul and feeling a: bemused and b: amused as he led us from one wrong street to the other, needless to say we found our way again but only by accident.
after thaaat…… we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat lunch. i think we atually walked for miles before finding a place paul had eaten at once while drunk but we found it and we chowed down. it was really good, the only thing was it was too big for me to finish! i will have to get used to eating more at meal times if i’m going to be polite when i go to japan, i felt so bad. i had so much left but i just couldn’t eat it.
we also got some pikcles, which were…… ok i think, i liked the ginger and some hot sake which we shared, we were in that little place for a long long time just chatting but when it came to pay we found out that they didn’t accept cards! poor paul had to run aaaaaall the way to wherever it was to find a cash point, by the time he’d come back i’d read half of a manga book after he had almost caught his breathe we left and by this time the sky had clouded over.

I think we then meandered over to the japan centre to purchase some goodies and in pauls case a teapot and since we couldn’t find any panko in the place (seriously!) then made our way to the Nippon and Korea centre where we found some. ……

then we decided to go to berriwck street, i needed fabric samples for my UNI portfolio but unfortunately didn’t find anything i thought was suitable so decided to research it some more and go to Fabric Land in Basingstoke to get what i wanted on monday. by this time i was starting to get quite dark and we walked out and down regent street stopping off at Beard Papa on the way simply because it’s so yummy and then popped into Hamley’s for a nose around. it was good fun! they have this weird fake snow in there and feels so odd, when you squishit in you hand it feels like silly putty but it’s all sepperated a gel-like, wet but dry, it was odd in anycase.
after this we carried on and then went to Rendezvous and shared a mint chocolate chip. i was teased mercilessly for eating more than him. i’m not sure if shareing an ice cream (we had 2 spoons) was odd or not but i feel so comfortable around him, to be honest i don’t care. then after like an hour of chatting and teasing eachother we went over to cyber candy for even more goodies….. or did we got to cyber candy first? i can’t remember.
after that i decided to head home because it was quarter to 7 by that time.
after a hug goodbye i got on the tube for an un eventful train ride home.

what can i say? i had alot of fun today, it was really nice being in the company of someone who is so like-minded as me as he is. even though i got teased and picked on alot, it was all good natured and made me laugh. i was happy i made him laugh alot too, i don’t think of myself as a particularly funny person and sometimes my jokes are lost on some people but we’re so similar i’m surprised he couldn’t guess what i was going to say.
it was a little strange at times but because i’m so used to walking with the boyfriend i always link arms with him and hold his hand and i really had to keep catching myself before i did the same, or held his sleeve or something.
i dunno, it was nice, 11 years doesn’t seem so much of a huge age gap when you get on so well. ><
it was rather amusing in the restaurant/cafe, we totally got the "couple" table! all the others were in rows and we got the only two person table on the ground floor. it was quite amusing.
one of the guys in berrwick street thought we were together and then there were the people in rendezvous as well. it was all highly amusing on my part.
i bet Chris is grilling him now on how he also thinks we’re an item or something is "going on".
it’s all quite funny really.

it was a fun day ^^


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