Has it really only been a week?

26 Jan

Has it really only been a week since my last post? feels like it’s been FOREVER.
So i had my Uni interview on Thursday….. i think it went ok….
I feel like i did better this time around but we’ll find out sometime this week i guess. *bites nails*

On a slightly more interesting note, i’ve beed looking at the Hello! Project Elder Club Thank you for your LOVE! merchandise on ohta’s store…….. the exchange rate right now is so abismal i don’t think it’s worth it buynig anything right now. T_T
already spent a fortune on paul’s birthday present today so i don’t think it’ll happen. shame. oh well.
Yossie’s hair completely put me off anyways. eriously! has anyone seen it???? It’s AWFUL!
it’s like she fell asleep outside and some bird decided it was a good place to build a nest. yes birdie, we all know we want yossie for ourselves but couldn’t you do it while still making her look awesome?
in anycase, it’s awful lol!

I’m mad at my postie.
I ordered the Ice Creamusume album the other day of yesasia. Paul got his copy meer days afterwards and i haven’t had any mail in about a week. Dammit postie! i want my mail!!!

So, list of things i’m currently owed by my postie:
~ SNSD volume 1, first album
~ Ice Creamusume 1st best album
~ 2 volumes of the Chibi Vampire Manga
~ Frankie Boyle’s live DVD
~ 2 H!P pictures (meant for paul’s birthday but his main present was so expensive i haven’t decided if i should still give them to him or not >ww<

Made Dinner tonight. Yakitori and stir-fry. it was SO good i could have eaten it all over again! if i wasn’t so stuffed i mean. ^^ so good.
I used pork instead of chicken which made a nice change to the chicken streak we’d been on. XD
i’ll post the recipe up later sometime.


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