I GOT IN!!!!

29 Jan

Should have posted the other night when i found out but i was too busy celebrating!
and then my laptop died and i couldn’t be bothered to load it up again!

I got in! i got an Unconditional Offer for the course! I’m SO happy!
Best news ever. bar none!

suppose i should update on my arrivals too.

So my copy of the Frankie Boyle Live dvd came yesterday. watched it. some of his stuff was soooooo close.
it was all funny though. no wonder he’s my favourite person on Mock the Week.
I also got my copies of volumes 2 and 3 of Chibi Vampire. such a good story.

MY Ice Creamusume and SNSD albums arrived! ^_^
That made me really happy. i Love the SNSD album. it’s so easy to listen to. my favourites are Merry Go Round, Tinkerbell and Ooh La La.


Watched the DVD from the Ice Creamusume album too which was fun. it shows how they get ready for the shooting of the PV and all sorts. have to say, Guu-chan is so cute!! she’s so much cuter without that stupid pony tail on top of her. something about the angle and place of that ponytail makes her head look really tall and weird.
but it watching it just confirmed that Youko is my favourite. XD
so much fun.

speaking of H!P releases:

Ayaya’s newest single Chocolate Damashi has struck a place in my heart.
it’s so fun to listen to and it’s just awesome. i’m not much of an Ayaya fan but i really do like this song. (paul is currently rejoicing i’ll bet).

I was also a bad girl today. i downloaded $th Akogare MY STAR. i couldn’t help myself! i REALLY wanted this album but it was just too expensive on top of the Sexy 8 Best final night tshirt and paul’s presents so i had to forfit it. i’m hoping it will turn up on iTunes at some point though,
if not i’ll buy it when i’m in Japan. >w<
Not listened to the whole thing yet but i’m rubbish at reviews anyways. i quite like Yes All my Family….. but that’s kind of it right now. it’s only the 4th track or something though so whatever.

ALSO!!!!!! It’s been announced that Hangry and Angry arte going to be releasing a new single!!!! YAAAAY!!! As yossie’s biggest evar fan i’m SO going to be buying this one too. All they need to do to make my dreams come true is come on over the London and do a concert!!


Ugh….. the boyfriend right now. don’t get me wrong, i love him and all, but i wish he’d just accept that i have an older friend. he’s thinks it’s really weird because i "don’t know him" that well and thing and it just pisses me off that he can’t just accept that i’m friends with him. the way he says "what does a 30 year-old want to be friends with and 18-year-old for?" makes him sound like a creepy otaku (oh wait…… XD) or something. it’s just so annoying.
It’s be nice if i could just get on with being friends without him moaning…. although maybe i shouldn’t have told him just how much i spent the other day………
in ANY case.
it annoys me.
i think he’s just jealous. but i haven’t had a proper friend since school (no really. sure the friends at college were friends but we hardly ever spent time together outside of college) so it’s nice to have someone to talk to finally about other stuff with. and mess around with in a different way than i mess about with him.
i love that boy and all but really……. stop hogging me. XD

My wallet is crying right now. spent so much money!! Y_Y Damn exchange rate!!!


2 Responses to “I GOT IN!!!!”

  1. Rad January 30, 2009 at 8:36 am #

    Yes, the exchange rate sucks.

  2. paul.thomas February 2, 2009 at 8:06 am #

    I’m really glad that you’re liking Ayaya’s new single, such an amazing song and she’s so awesome in it! *rejoices* ;p

    Remember me saying the other day about how I was going to pick up C-ute’s album today? Well looking at all this snow (*throws snowball*) I think it’s going to be spending another day sitting in the postal depot 😦 I so want to listen to it. I was considering stealing your iPod when we you start flicking through the album on it the other day, but thought to myself must hold out :S

    So good to hear that Hangry & Angry are having a 2nd single, reassuring to know that they weren’t a one single deal. All my fingers are crossed for a UK performance!!

    As for the boyfriend, I would say he was talking about me, but doesn’t he know I’m not 30, I got my 21st coming up soon though…if I keep saying it really will happen lol. Ahahaha on the creepy Otaku comment, I do try my best ;p
    So, what did you get me for my bday? ;p

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