Walking in a Winter Wonderland

8 Feb

Did you all play in the slow this week??
Did you make a snow man? snow angel? eat it, sit in it, hide under it, throw it? what about make a snow fort or an igloo?
What about a snow dalek?
The people across the road from us made a snow dalek. not even kidding.

Sorry about it being so long since my last post, i have alot to update!

So i tried to post the other day but got into such a bad mood i abandoned my attempt and then i’ve just been putting it off and so i thought it was about time to try again. Plus i’ve been bugged a zillion times to update so just to get him off my back i will.

So a few weeks back i was asked by Paul to turn his Chinami Towel into a pillow.

It arrived in the post a few days later with the money i needed for the fabric and stuffing and i hauled my sorry ass over to Basingstoke to get everything i needed.
the way to make a pillow and case is very simple, it took me a couple hours to do it and that was me being slow. what took the time was hand sewing the towel on the front of the case so, should he want to, it can be removed with careful snips of the scissors.
For a few weeks i owned a Chinami towle…… Y_Y

I’ll post the steps up so everyone can turn their almost-useless concert towels into beautiful pillows too. just make sure if you tell your friends to link them to me ok? >w<

a photo of the finished product: sdc10555
it was great fun to make and i plan to turn my mini Nono towel into one too.

I’ve started on my Amulet Dia cosplay!
Only done the top of the bodice and sleeve pattern so far but it’s started and it’s going to be a challenge, just the kind of thing i need to satiate my horrible craving to sew something. xD not sat down at my sewing mchine for months to do something properly so i feel like i’m letting her down.
in anycase, i’ll be updating on my progress from now on so look forward to it ok?

So yesterday me and my family went to london to see Quidam by Cique du Soliel and oh. my. god was it good. no it wasn’t good, it was better than good, it was fan-bloody-tastic.
if you want to be on the edge of your seat in amazment and crying with laughter and back again in the space of 5 minutes, go and see that show. it’s amazing!
we had excellent seats too, could see the whole stage, and although we were kind of far away because of the shape of the building we could still see everything perfectly. it was great!
sdc10636 i wasn’t supposed to take photos but everyone was anyways.

After the show we went to get dinner in China town, we went into a restaurant me and Paul decided not to go into when we were last in london and oh gosh the food was good!
Hads the udon noodles and usually i hate them because they’re slimy an quishy but these ones werejust so good!! i’m going there everytime i want noodles now. it was awesome. they were just done so prefectly, all delicious and firm and the soup was excellent and so was the miso soup. it was yummy and i ate too much again. >ww<

I’ll also be posting up a couple of new recipes in my Cookery Blog too so check them out.



One Response to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

  1. paul.thomas February 10, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    Your neighbours snow dalek is sooo cool, I bet it would have been so fun to make…it’s like a work of art rather than your run of the mill snowmen. I love the whisk!
    Thanks again for doing the pillow! Lol, you know how much I love but I just have to say it again it’s just so comfy!! I’m planning on spending a long lazy Saturday morning in bed cuddling up to it.

    On a random, I was looking at the photos on my phone this morning and there was one from when I went to see Jools Holland (yep, I finally remembered who it was I saw there, lol) and it looks like you’re sitting a couple of rows in front of where I was sitting!! Did you find the maltesers I left there? ;p

    So we know where we’re eating next time then. Lol, well, where we’ll start eating ;p It looks pretty tasty! And talking of tasty I’ll have to give the rice ball recipe ago at some point, mmmmmmmm rice.

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