Pillow Tutorial

10 Feb

As promised here is a quick tutorial for turning a towel into a pillow (it could even work with a tshirt if you’re feeling adventurous)

What you’ll need:
~1m of Sheeting (I used white. 1m is the average size for a pillow the size of paul’s Chinami Pillow in my last post. if your fabric doesn’t have sheeting, cotton or poly-cotton works just as well)
~ Thread as close to the colour of the sheeting as possible
~ Pillow stuffing
~ The towel
~ Needle and thread the colour you want (one that’s close to the colour of the towel is best)

~ Scissors (Fabric shears are best!)
~ Sewing Machine (you can hand stitch if you don’t have one but it’ll take much longer)
~ Pins


1~ Sheeting comes already doubled over but if you went for a different fabric fold it in half to make it double thickness.

2~ line up the towel with the folded edge of the fabric and pin in place.

3~ CAREFULLY cut around the cushion and take the pins out and put into the fabric underneath one corner at a time. (saves you trying to line the fabric up again)

4~ sew the edges together so only 3 are closed and turn inside out (if you have curved corners like mine did don’t forget to snip around te edges carefully to stop getting weird angles in the curve)

5~ stuff with the stuffing until it’s nice and full and then sew the open edge closed (don’t worry about the tatty edge, it’ll be inside the cover anyways.


For the case:
You can do the case 1 of 2 ways:

1~ make the case as i’m going to describe it

2~ instead of folding the fabric, cut a piece 1 cm each side-wider and 3 inches longer than the towel and turning right side to right side, sew along the edges to seal together and then carry on as i will describe, the only problem with this method is that the towel could sustain some damage in the process and if you wanted to take the towel off later on, you may not be able to without damaging it further.

Onto the method:
1~ Re-fold the fabric so one side is shorter than the other making sure to leave enough room on the short side for the towel and line it up with the folded edge and pin in place.

2~ cut approximately 1 cm away from the side of the towel all the way down until the longer part is 3 or 4 inches longer than the edge of it and the shorter side is about 1 inch or so longer.

3~take the towel off and pin the fabric in the same way as before. and then hem the ends and fold down to the length of the pillow before sewing down each side giving 1cm seam allowance.

4~turn inside out an there is your almost complete case.


all that you need now is to hand stitch the towel onto the front. the idea of the case is that it goes on the same way as a pillow case does on a pillow with a flap type thing on one side to tuck the end of the cushion inside so make sure you don’t accidently stitch this closed. hand stitching will take a little while but it’ll be totally worth in when it’s done. machine sewing it is tricky and could end up damaging the towel.

5~ All Finished!! Put the cushion inside the case, throw it on your bed and get ready to snuggle up to it in the night!


My Nono towel is too little for this but the bigger towels are almost big enough to be body pillows! i think my Nono cushin will be sitting in my car. ^^ or used as a travel pillow. ^^

Do any H!P fans out there have room for a few more DVDs/CDs or any other merchandise?
I’ve agreed to help someone re-home her H!P collection and although i’d love to take it all my budget doesn’t stretch that far. xD
She’s absolutely lovely to talk to and deal with and because she’s not selling the collection to make a profit (just to find new homes) she is negotiable to prices and is happy to let her things go for much less than they would sell for on ebay or any other website.
Please email Charine to see a full list of the items and see if there’s anything you have room on your shelf for. ^^



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