The Berryz Bounce Back!

11 Feb

So after the dreadful release that was Madayade, Berryz Koubou seemed to be going down the drain, being over-taken by C-ute who with each single sound more and more mature and who seem to be glowing with all this energy that Berryz used to have way-back-when.

However after watching Dakishimete Dakishimete Berryz are back up there and i have to say this single ROCKS!
I loved it the second i saw it, the music was a little Koi no Jubaku sounding at the start and the lighting reminded me a little of their first few releases but then they started to sing. It’s mature and up beat and is moving away from the squeaky voices that drive my parents insane.

There’s so much to comment about on this PV and single and i don’t really know how to word my thoughts, but here goes:

Firstly the styling, being the costumer-in-the-making here, oh gosh, everyone looks amazing, Chinami especially and i NEED Maasa’s leggings, they’re awesome, although i don’t like the dead hamster under her hat.
It looks like the stylist finally forgave Yurina for stepping on her cat and finally gave them some decent outfits. The hair and make up looks brilliant and omg Chinami! I just can’t get over JUST how awesome she looks!

Please forgive Miyabi’s lack of personality, it’s quite usual and luckily it’s not contagious. good job she looks hawt in this video.

Please can someone wrap Momoko up and give her to me for Valentine’s day? she looks soo good and cuddly, swapping the kiddy pigtails for a rocky pony tail and her squeaky chipmunk for a much more mature sounding singing voice that almost doesn’t suit her.
I almost forgot about Captain! She looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, what’s up with the hair?? I love it!!! I’m guessing they wouldn’t really give her an A-line cut but the choppy look really looks good on her!!
Risako still looks the same….. how???

Onto the music itself:
It’s not the kind of song that would automatically stick in your head…. i’m on my 3rd listen since typing this post up and i still can’t really remember how it goes. whoch is a shame but other than that it’s great!
It’s mature sounding and sounds like it could make a fab remix. The synthetic “Dah!”s that seem to be so popular in H!P songs right now are there again and like i said before, the intro reminds me alot of Koi no Jubaku but the actual body of the song is quite Arabian sounding atpoints and….. and…… and…… i’m drawing blanks at how much i love it.
One thing i do like about it is that the lines are fairly fairly distributed and so we get to hear everyone at least once and they all have solo lines. i wish Tsunku would apply this to Momusu and C-ute aswell though. it’s getting annoying, “Yes we all love Airi but dammit can’t we have a litle more Mai?? And yes Ai and Reina are good singers but given the chance the Pandas, Mittsi and Sayu all are too!!!”

i really like it and it’s definitely one of Berryz better releases recently. except of course for Yuke Yuke. >w<

4.5 stars out of 5!


2 Responses to “The Berryz Bounce Back!”

  1. Erusa March 17, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    Thanks to you I found out about this new single and really I’m so thankful they released it, I was getting worried too! ^^
    The costumes are so great compared to the last 3 singles (eww).
    The song reminds me a bit of “Special Generation” in the orchestration. Maasa sounds great. I thought there was something utterly sexy about Risako, especially how she moves in her solo just before the last chorus.
    Lol at Miyabi, how come she always looks like she’d rather be somewhere else doing something else?
    Oh, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Captain. She really can dance!

    Ok, this song kicks ass, I can’t stop watching the PV!
    Thanks again ^_^V

  2. Erusa March 17, 2009 at 5:21 am #

    Oh wait, I just realized I shouldn’t say stuff like this about Risako, she’s still 14!
    Meh ^^

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