Bento re-incarnated!

12 Feb

So today i made a bento for the first time in like……… at least 8 months now.
It’s a shame i stopped after i left college because it really was one of my favourite hobbies and i have so much bento stuff that hardly gets used anymore.

but now,i have made another. was pretty much forced to because a: i can’t afford to buy lunch every day at work anymore and b: i had left over pizza and regular lunches get boring after a while.

So here it is! my newest masterpiece. aimed for a Valentine’s day theme. think it turned out pretty good for my first attemptin so long! *nod* ^_^


So Top tier on the left, bottom on the right.

bottom tier: Heart shaped rice ball and pizza clices, the little red pot has thai sweet chilli sauce in for the rice (it’s so good trust me) and we have lettuce and spinach leaves surrounding it all. i even made a rose out of a couple of res lettuce leaves in the top corner, not sure if you can see it though.

Top: marshmallows on a usagi food pick and a little chocolate heart (made them for friends for valentine’s day), sultanas on a food pick an under than sultanas and dried apple pieces and Usagi Ringo (Rabbit apples) i love making these guys, so cute! oh! and there’s even a few Konpeito in there for afterwards. ^_^

hmmmm the top tier looks a little empty, you can see gaps……. oh well. it can be fixed next time. ^^
and that is my cute lunch for tommorrow. ^^


One Response to “Bento re-incarnated!”

  1. w8lessinwater February 13, 2009 at 12:08 am #

    Very nice! I was recently flipping through a book of bento box art in a book store and became intrigued with the whole concept. Since then I ordered my first bento box at restaurant and plan to start contemplating them as a home cook.

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