Ice Creamusume new PV

12 Feb

Second music review in as many days! Phew!

So yesterday (i didn’t notice it as posted up) the PV for the chinese version of “Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Ai senai Darou?” was released.

It’s a wonderful PV and the outfits look great, love how they’ve kept the fluffy boots too! i think in general the girls are starting to be dressed similarly to how the rest of Hello! Project are being dressed, matching outfits but all are slightly different.

What i love love love about this song is how much ReiRei and Guu-chan we get to hear, and even Youko gets a great solo line (Lin Lin’s line in the usual japanese version). All the girls get some screen time and they all get decent solo lines.
Once again, i think Tsunku needs to take a clue with the Wonderful Hearts units.

It’s just a pleasent song to listen to and a great and relaxing PV to watch.
SO that’s “Liang Ai Deng Chang” and it’s japanese counter part, “Liang Ai Ge Ming 21” and “Ame no Furanai-whatsit”. All we need now are Morning Coffee and Go Girl PVs and the whole album will have one for each song! >w<

PS: i am working on figuring out how to embed videos into my posts so you don’t have to keep following links. ><”
So far no such luck. i don’t want a widget dammit.

I’m also thinking about re-doing my header…….. something with yossie in…….. XD


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