14 Feb

So the other night i got very bored and made up a couple of ranking lists for my favourite members of the wonderful hearts groups.

i know i have lists in my “who’s that girl” page which i will replace with these picture lists later. ^^


M’kay so i guess i should explain.

Sayumi: Only recetly became my favourite Momusu member. i really liked her before but before Yossie left she ranked maybe 3rd or 4th. After Yossie left i didn’t pay much attention to Momusu at all until very recently. but now i love her and already have far too much of her merchandise to begin to know what to do with. XD

Eri/Risa: It was a bit of a toss up between these two as i like them just as much as eachother.
i don’t really have a second favourite in momusu so the rest of the rankings are a bit vague. it’s kind of Sayumi and then everyone else. but Eri and Risa are my next favourites i think. i love Eri’s voice and she can work teh sexy soooo well and Risa’s smile is totally contagious, can’t help but grin along with her.

JunJun: So JunJun is by far my favourite of the Hatchikies. She’s just so……. there. i love her voice, not as strong as LinLin’s but i still love it. but then again I’m a Sayu fan. XD she was always my favourite of the two Pandas. even way back when i was mad that they “replaced” Yossie. i was mad cause i started to like her a week after she left and the panda’s joined. XD

Reina next: I’m not sure what it is about Reina but i just can’t put her near the bottom. i just think she’s gorgeous. and even though she’s no where near as cool as she was in her Yankee phase, there’s something about her i love. plus she has pretty cool merchandise. >w<

Koharu/Aika: another battle for this place. i’m not too sure what i think of either of them. i don’t really know much about Mittsi, i don’t know much of her personality and never really found any need to find out. On the hand of Koha……. i like her solo songs but the rest of her is a mystery. i can’t stand the over sugary character and …….. she bugs me.

LinLin: aaah….. LinLin…… she has a great voice, however it doesn’t really make up for the fact that she’s really scarey. just something about her freaks me out!

Ai: Well what is there to like about Miss Oldest-in-H!P-i’m-better-than-you-and-can-sing-the-crap-out-of-Koi ING? Takayucky.


Onto Berryz Koubou


Chinami: What can i say, the girl is gorgeous. never used to like her because in the early days she “looked funny”. a goofy little kid with poker straight black hair and a big grin. but now…… she’s gorgeous. the Dakishimete Dakishimete PV definitely helped me see that. as did staring at her face while i sewed it onto a pillow cover, lol!

Saki: Same as with chinami and the PV helping me see how much she’s grown and changed. plus i love her voice. it’s a nice change to the squeaky chipmunks we have lying around.

Momoko: speaking of chipmunks……. lol! i used to dislike Momo alot but recently, since she’s been in Buono! and the last few releases, her voice has become so nice and much deeper. it’s a relief and even though she’s still a little odd looking, she’s turned into a young woman and once again, looks amazing in the new pv.

Maasa: Maasa used to be my favourite. it’s not that i like her less….. i just like the others more now…… sorry Maasa!

Yurina: well i didn’t really know where to put her, she’s kind of like Mittsi in that we don’t really see much of her to judge a character. i don’t love her but i don’t dislike her either.

Risako: meh….. she’s ok. she can sing (just about) and that’s kind of it. i don’t like or hate her…. i nothing her.

Miyabi: OMG get some personality. enough said.


C-ute next!


 C-ute was by far the hardest group to rank. i just like them all far too much to really know what order to put them in.

Mai: Love mai. her voice, her hair, her eyes….. everything. she’s even purple. my favourite colour. enough said

Chisato: I love her eyes and how they aways look like she’s smiling. plus she can sing the crap outta songs so add great voice to the list too.

Saki: She’s cute, she has a great smile, love her hair and personality and her singing voice has the same kind of squeaky charm as Sayu’s does but in different ways. ><

Airi: I really like Airi, she’s cute, and can sing pretty well and we get to see plenty of her in PVs and stuf. she’s just uber cute. Favourite out of Buono!

Kanna: don’t really know much about her except that she can sing pretty well.

Erika: Ditto

Maimi: it’s not that i don’t like Maimi, far from it, i just prefer everyone else. ^_^


Also, Collection Update: My Sexy 8 Beat tour shirt arrived yesterday! I’m sooooo happy with it. i love it and it’s so comfy. can’t wait to team it up with my gold tights, black legwarmers and black shorts in the spring!

It came with the usual free photo and it just so happens to be of Gaki in my favourite concert outfit of all time from the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2006 concert. ^_^ yay!

Will post picture when i’ve resized them. hassle. -.-



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