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Make over and randomness

23 Feb

So this post is a little late coming as i’ve been so busy with work and running around london and agitating over my postie hating me i just haven’t posted.

As you can see, i’ve re-done the blog.
New header, layout blah blah, nothing fancy i’m afraid. i do like the header though. took me ages to get the paint on yossie’s hand from red to blue. >w<

New arrivals……. let’s see…… guess i should start off with my Morning Musume Sexy 8 Beat tour shirt huh?
I love it. still need to wear it out though.
but it’s a difficult colour combination to wear i think. i don’t actually like gold. but it was the implication of the shirt that drew me to it. XD

next up is Buono! 2! i was complaining just this morning to mum about how it hadn’t arrived yet and stuff and less than half an hour later it was shoved through the letter box. >w< yay!

Please excuse the paws in the photo. my dog, lilly, decided she wanted in on the action and lay down right there. bless her. XD
I didn’t realise until i got it open that i’d actually got the limited edition version…… which surprised me because i thougt was too much of a cheap skate to buy that.
but in anycase, the packaging is awesome. love the designs on the disks and the back inlay picture is awesome. those pink outfits are the best. so awesome! they all look amazing in the pictures of the entire booklet!
once again, please excuse the dog paws. XD

Once again this is a fantastic album. there’s something about the girls voices harmonising that is just so relaxing and beautiful and they definitely have their own sound that reminds me of summer. probably because i spent all last summer listening to Cafe Buono! but still.
my favourite songs so far are:
~ Kira Kira
~ Minna Daisuki
~ You’re My Friend

My boyfriend pointed out today that “Goal” sounds like a mixture between Coldplay and Kings of Leon. and i can totally see why he thinks that. not the Kings of Leon part because they suck but definitely parts of it sound like When I Ruled the World by Coldplay. *nod*

The DVD is also pretty fun to watch too. a cool part about the making of the album cover etc etc etc and also tv adverts of their singles from Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! which were pretty fun to watch. ^^

Over all i give this album 4.5 stars out of 5.

Next on the list is the arrival of Paul’s birthday present (part 2). i was so excited about it! i couldn’t help myself and opened it to have a peek at it.
and i took a photo. i hope it’s hard to guess what it could be……. although maybe not??
what could it be…….??
don’t say, i’ll reveal all next week sometime.


can’t be bothered to write anymore. will update some time later. ^_^