Whimsical catch-up

1 Mar

Thought it was about time i posted. and to start it off, because I’m a fatty, i decided i wanted to give a list of my top 10 favourite snacks and drinks that i like….. so here goes.

Brioche: there’s something about these croissant-like buns that are totally addictive. i prefer the plain ones and putting jam in the middle. apricot is best. ^^

Pom Bears: Only like the best crisps ever! SO yummy!

Tabeyo Boshi: A new snack i just discovered. not sure of their real name but i’ll post a photo when i get my camera back! XD

7: Grapes: seriously, these things are like little bubbles of heaven. i love grapes right now. and i can fit 14 in my mouth all at once. yup.
are you intimidated?

6: Onigiri: it’s a bit of a big snack and more like a small meal but i just love rice balls. so good!
i especially love to break up a stock cube in there and have chicken rice balls. not particularly nutritious but at least they’re fat free right?
i just got an idea for a good snack too! Kare Onigiri! ok good, i’m going to do that now.

5: Raisins, Sultanas, Dried: I’m especially loving dried mango and i love sultanas. i’m a bit of a fruit freak i’m afraid.

4: Ramune: love it. regular, melon, blue hawaii, strawberry….. there’s so many flavours to have. too bad they’re so expensive but i now have a small collections of the marbles and i have enough of the caps so make part of a cosplay with. not even kidding.
Anyone read DearS? you know those weird little things on their hips and shouldes that attatch them to the pods? yup. they’re that shape. good. i get to be a slut.

3: Pocky: It’s had to come somewhere up here. i love it. i prefer the chocolate versions though. not very adventurous. Men’s pocky is best. it really is crunchier.

2: Moko Moko/ Yakisoba Pan: these came joint first because i love them both.
Moko Moko is just the best idea anyone has ever come up with.
plus it comes with the added bonus of singing the MokoMoko song while it cooks.
Yakisoba pan…… what’s better than friend noodles in a sandwich????? not alot that’s what. so so good. and i always tr and get one when i got to the japan centre (they’ve been sold out the past couple of times though. too bad….). made my own before which was definitely yummy too.

1: Nerds!: Nerds are currently my favourite thing to eat. i totally love them. favourite flavours are strawberry and lemonade coated wild cherry. yum yum yum. got plenty of e-numbers to keep me going too. hooray!
so yeah. have some.
i bye mine from Cyber Candy. i don’t think they’re allowed here anymore technically……… hmm…… speaking of which i’ve run out. >w<

Did everyone have pancakes last week?
I did.
i made them too. and i made a pretty one with the last of the batter.
so pretty.
i didn’t even get to eat that one, my mum ate it before i got there. Y_Y

On friday i bought Twilight. i wanted to see the film and i saw the book in my bookstore and decided to give it a try……… well i finished it this morning.
SO SO SO good.
i found the way it was written a little odd at first. it’s just a strange way, more mature for the character which really fits her and everything but it took a chapter to get used to.
the story is fantastic. it’s a little slow moving at first but because it’s a series it’s ok and it really helps set he place and characters. the description and imagery is brilliant and as i read i can almost see the places she goes to and the people she meets. it’s rally fantastic. can’t wait to get the 2nd in the series, New Moon, tommorrow.

ALSO! my stuff from Charine arrived!!
Aswell as the Alo! Hello! and Morning Curry DVDs i bought from her, she also threw in a bazzilion (or so it seemed) trading cards all of Yossie and Sayu! yay! and also a few Yossie pictures.
I’m so happy! i love them!
although now i think she’s turned me into a trading card freak! nuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
i don’t need more little things hanging around. although this does make my collection a little bigger so maybe it’s ok. >w<

Been trying to decide what to do for summer. because i’m off to uni in spetember me and the boyfriend will be trying to spend as much time together as possible until then.
i think we’ve pretty much decided on a long weekend at the seaside and going to alton towers as a trip/holiday type fandango.
plus that gives me an excuse to buy a new bikini i’ve had my eyes on.
it’s so adorable and i know it will fit because it’s by bravissimo. so it it’s a bit expensive though. i think i’ll beg mum to get it for me like she did my other one we had to send back (don’t wear white swimming costumes in a pool with high chlorine levels. hello yellow bikini.)
i could buy it myself but i don’t have the money what with saving for japan and uni and my car and all. *cough*
she loves me enough. XD

and after this novel of a post i’m off to wallow in my nest full of tissues. hooray or a cold. i’m obviously run down. too bad i have 3 straight weeks of work coming up. boo.
multi-vitamins here i come!



One Response to “Whimsical catch-up”

  1. Amy November 10, 2009 at 11:32 pm #

    I bought some of the star shapped snacks today. On the bag, they’re titled Hoshi Tabeyo. They’re quite tasty IMO. 🙂

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