White day presents and spring time! *Boing*

15 Mar

Plum blossoms
Happy Spring!
About bloody time too!
fed up with the cold. sunshine all the way!

to celebrate i went on the trampoline!
that was fun.
it felt nice to exercise. which is alot coming from me.

i also took loads of photos of flowers in my garden. it’s looking so pretty now!

So it was White day yesterday!
the day eactly 1 month after valentine’s day where boys/guys/men who were given chocolates from a girl has to give a more expensive gift in return. my kind of holiday.

So i met up with Paul again…. it was a kind of last minute thing. i have no money.
only enough to pay for Platinum 9 disco on the 18th (everyone buy it, it’s gonna be great).
but after an entire week of bugging me and persuasion tactics, paul finally lured me out with the promise of paying for everything.

i totally didn’t realise he had an alterior motive.

white day presents.
i was totally surpised! but it was really nice too!

So my presents consisted of:

A white rose: it’s one of those “single perfect rose” type roses. it’s beautiful. and smells lovely too. i have it standing in a Ramune bottle on my Window sill.

A heart shaped hello kitty box with marshmallows and white chocolate kitties inside. there was also a cookie but i ate that last night.

there was also some sweets from cyber candy: Hello kitty candy floss with popping candy (sorry about the picture, i had alreayd eaten it), Hllo kitty dipping lolly with popping candy, 2 boxes of Nerds (my faovurite! yum!) and a warhead, i don’t plan on eating this anytime soon as it takes up alot of energy to ready yourself for them. sourest sweets i’ve ever eaten. xD

It was all so unexpected but it was really nice all the same.
and it was sunny which totally made my day…. or weekend as it is sunny today too! ^_^

Been trying to work on my Amujlet Dia cosplay for Expo.
i just haven’t found the time and i’m running out of it.
but i’m working on the pattern now.
it’s so complicated i’m going to need to make a mock up of every piece in order to get ti all right.
i’m determind to make this cosplay perfectly.
i just hope i have enough patience and fabric.

I need to practise styling the wig too. i have a good idea of how it will go but whether it will work or not is another matter.
should go ok i think though……. hmm.

Busy next few weeks for decent H!P releases!
i’m getting Platinum 9 Disc twice. i pre-ordered it twice by accidnet/ but luckily Paul is really un organised and hasn’t pre-ordered it yet so he’ll buy one off me. phew.
there’s the wonderful hearts and elder club dvds coming out on the 25th which i also need to pre-order. then there’s the elder club grad dvd as well as C-ute’s new single.
i think though those last 2 items i’ll buy when i’m actually in Japan. it’ll work out cheaper (i think) and it’ll be all that more exciting to have. >w< ah well.
it’ll work out. a week or so won’t make much difference. as long as i can get tickets and be in tokyo for the 29th. momusu concert. woot!

Enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying the sunshine



One Response to “White day presents and spring time! *Boing*”

  1. paul.thomas March 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

    Mmm, nice legs *boing* ;p

    So I haven’t asked, have you finished off all the other munchables that you hadn’t eaten by the time I got home on Saturday lol. Really curious as to whether the love hearts+white chocolate was a good combination or not?
    Just had a thought, I should of just told you that I had some Nerds for you that would have got you out, no way you could resist them, lol I’ll just have to use that excuse next time!

    Still annoyed that I’m not going to the MM concert with you, damn my Mum’s 60th couldn’t she be more considerate and work around MM concerts!! lol

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