Platinum 9 Disc and Hello! Blog Poll

27 Mar

So after a while of waiting for all my H!P stuff to turn up i got a slip through my door today saying they tried to deliver it but couldn’t. incompetent idiot of a postie.

so i’m making my post without whatever it is that the idiot of a postman TRIED to deliver.

So a few days ago i got my copy of Platinum 9 Disc.
it’s a good album what can i say?
I wish H!P would kick it up a notch on limited edition releases though now that the elder club is gone and things.
the packaging wasn’t any different to a regular album. no photo card or anything.
the DVD is a little disappointing too. just all the different solo versions of Naichau Kamo, the performance from the Wonderful Hearts concert and a performance of Renai Revolution from the Elder Club grad conert.
why not put in a making of the booklet like in Buono!2?
it’s so frustrating. i paid that extra money and i don’t feel like i got much extra at all.
watching 4 minuted of each member crying isn’t very fun. and it almost makes you sick of hearing the song.
plus the dance isn’t very….. imaginative.
it’s just not a great DVD ok?

the album however is pretty good!

SONGS is a great….. song. i love the piano at the start that then turns into the really heavy bass line. definitely sounds like a song that starts a concert off.

Resonant Blue. Not my fave recent Momusu song but it’s actually growing on me.

Ame no Furanai blah blah blah? : i have to say, i LOVE this song. it’s so nice to hear a decent ballad from Momusu again. i like.
too bad it appeared on ICM’s album first though. doesn’t give it the same kind of “ooooh!” factor.

Take of is now! : Very TakaTanaGaki. it’s not difficult to listen to though. and i quite like it. not too bothered but hey. it’s an entertaining song i gues.

Naichau Kamo: if i have to type about this song again i might cry. lol!
it’s good. i like. but i loved it when i first heard it.

Watashi no something something Mittsi’s solo song: another song i LOVE on here. Mittsi is fast becoming one of my favourite Momusu members, she’s got a great voice (recorded) and she’s cute as a button but bless her she pulls off the rocky look so well too!
seen the new Momusu tour merchandise? yeah. she’s smokin’. XDsounds like it could almost be a Mermaid Melody opening theme tune…..

Guru Guru JUMP!: i actually really like this song! not too much squeaky Koha and it’s nice to be able to hear the Pandas for once.
i like italot and it’s fun to dance to on my way to work. yup. definitely thumbs up.

Mikan: what i like? what’s not to like? Mikan is a fun song. i can’t believe it did so badly. ah well.

Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu: another TakaTanaGaki song i like. it’s easy to listen to. those three’s voices go well together.

It’s You: Y_Y what a disappointment! Poor sayu got such a bad song! she should have gotten one more like Mittsi’s of Eri’s! it just doesn’t show us how much she’s improved.
i thought this would be my favourite on the album but it’s really not that amazing. poor Sayu!

Onna ni Sachi Are: also oe i’ve come to love. it’s only really recently that i’ve started to like “new” momusu’s stuff. and Onna ni sachi are…. i can’t believe i turned my nose up at it. we get plenty of JunLin and Mittsi and koharu isn’t abismal in it. it’s good! i like it alot!
another that’s fun to dance to on the way to work. xD

Kataomoi no Owari ni: Eri’s Solo! i ❤ this song! it’s so….. so….. Eririn! it’s awesome. Eri really is the best singer in Momusu i think. and she really should get more Solos. she’s porved that with Watashi wa Aoi Tori on Cover You and now this one too. she’s just awesome.

Kanashimi Twilight: Obviously my favourite on this album. it’s possibly one of my favourite Momusu songs. i just love it. it’s sexy and rocky and it has yossie in it. what more could you want.

So…. with that over and done with here are my top 5 songs from the Album:
1~ Kanashimi Twilight.
2~ Mittsi’s Solo
3~ Guru Guru JUMP!
4~ Kataomoi no Owari ni
5~ Ame no Furanai

yay! ^_^V

This Morning, Paul from Helo! Blog posted up his yearly poll.
this year is a bit different than usual with all the current members of H!P included.
You pick you’r top 10 and it’s all added up in 2 weeks.
so get voting.
Hello! Poll

Here’s my Ranking!

1~ Yossie: she’s teh awesome. why else?
2~ Sayu: ditto
3~ I ❤ Rika. Her and yossie go together like rice pudding and jam. you have the yummy pudding and then the tasty jam to give it an edge. that’s the way it is and the way it has been since the beginning of time. the end
4~ Nono: I’ve become a really bigg Nono fan recently. she’s just so cute! and although up until recently aibon was my favourite from W it’s been switched. she was so weird and cute. now she’s still weird and cute.
5~ Mako-chan: an unexpected one. she used to be in my top 3 members of H!P but others have taken her place. i don’t like her any less i just like the others more. ^^
6~ Airi: I’ve become a real Airi fan recently thanks to Buono! she’s definitely the best member there. but idon’t like Miyabi and Momoko doesn’t exaclt float my boat either. but she’s over-taken Mai in my favourite C-ute girl i think too….. sorry MaiMai.
7~ Chinami: my favourite Berryz girl. i dunno, she’s awesome. i think i started to like her after maybe the 4th hour of staring at her face while sewing her towel onto the pillow for paul?
8~ Mittsi: told ya she’s become one of my favourites. she’s just so different to the weird little cat girl with an over-bite who joine momusu when yossie was still around. i just really enjoy looking at and listening to her. i dunno. she’s cute.
9~ Gaki: she’s also teh awesome. enough said
10~ Mai: i still love her, even if Airi has over taken. ^^

runners up include:
~ Youko from ICM: i love her, she’s awesome. best personality in ICM i think
~ Nakki and Chisato from C-ute: they’re cuties. and i love Chisa’a voice. but i love airi and maimai more.
~ then possibly it would be Fukada from Shugo Chara Eggs. she’s so cute and her voice is lovely. and her Usagi no Dance video is too cute.

Lots of people are saying that this year’s poll is hard because they can’t narrow down the favourites to only 10. but i had trouble finding ten worthy of putting up.
i know it’s a bit odd but apart from the top 5 or 6 the others just don’t stand out too much.
i’m the kind of person who pays attention to one or 2 groups at a time. i have no realy capacity to contain much more so it’s hard when a member hasn’t struck me as amazing very recently to pick her out of the crowd so i end to go with favourites i’ve had for a while or ones that have hit me in the head with a brick with how awesome they are. *coughMittsicough*

when my camera is charged i’ll take photoooooos of the Album.



3 Responses to “Platinum 9 Disc and Hello! Blog Poll”

  1. paul.thomas March 29, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    I got my copy of the album yesterday, thanks for posting it off that’s super quick delivery!
    Totally 100%ly agree with your comment on the packaging of the album, the Limited DVDs generally don’t really warrant the increase price. Sometimes the DVDs are good, much like the Buono! one, but other times they just make you think that it’s just cheap extra thrown together at the last minute, for me the GAM Limited Edition DVD still has to be the worst I’ve ever seen.
    I haven’t watched the DVD yet, so I guess I can’t comment as to whether it’s good or not but I get the feeling I’m not going to be a fan. Not really liking the original PV for Naichau Kamo I can’t imagine I’ll be liking the solo shot ones either, ah well.

    Sorry you didn’t get a chance to be the first to vote, I know you really wanted to, but..well you know. I can’t thank you enough for all the nights I pestered you on the hunt for images and giving your opinion on the look and feel of the layout, really helped having someone to help out, looking for the images can get a little tedious by yourself.
    🙂 I’m please to see that I in some way helped you liking Chinami, who can’t help love her on that image of the towel, she looks AMAZING! Such great legs!!

    Hahaha, Mittsi really is looking great at the moment, she’s just really cute! Especially when she’s ducking behind the wall so you can’t see who throw that brick at your head ;p

  2. windam April 10, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    is there any booklet pictures on the album?

    yeah I love kataomoi no owari ni. Kame is prepared to be the sub-leader after all.

    I like It’s You; it’s not sayu-ish and it’s nice to see her singing new kind of song. kinda britney-ish >.<

    • Hexi April 11, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

      i should probably scan and upload some booklet sans. mittsi looks amazing.

      totally agree on Kamei she’d make a good leader i think.

      but not yet. she’s not quite there i don’t think. ><

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