New Stuff

28 Mar

So i went to pick up my stuff from the sorting office that the incompetent postie couldn’t deliver yesterday and it’s my things from HellProLand.

It’s taken alot less time than usual…. or it mightbe that i’ve been very pre-occupied with other things that are going on in my life to not take much notice.
but in anycase they’re finally here! ^^

My Rika shirt which as usual with most H!P shirts is so big i could wear it with tights and wear it as a dress.
3 Buono! pictures which i will hopefully be sending to Sweden with Paul in May and 2 of possibly the sexiest Yossie photos i’ve ever seen. i’m sorry but if anyone says she doesn’t look hott i will personally hunt them dow and gut them like a fish.

I want to marry her and have her babies.

enough OTT fangirling now.


It occured to me today that some people might have a hard time undertanding who i’m talking about as i’ve made up a couple of strange nickname for members.

so let me explain.

Plum = Erika Umeda – Ume is plum in japanese. her name kind of sounds like “Ume ga!” “It’s a plum!”. other variations include “Ocean” and “Yummy” (Umi = sea, Umai = tasty, yummy, delicious)

KumaBear = Yurina Kumai – because Kuma means bear in japanese.

Tubby = Sugaya Risako – because she’s recently gained weight….. sorry Risako.

i’m sure there’s a few others that i’ll come up with so stay tuned.



2 Responses to “New Stuff”

  1. paul.thomas March 29, 2009 at 12:31 pm #

    AH! A pink shirt, how unlike you to wear pink ;p
    Lol, and what happened to you not buying photos because they’re pointless, you’re going to get sucked into photo buying! I can see you having a massive Yossie collection in no time!

    Haha, good nicknames! Poor Risako, although I have to admit calling her Tubby makes me laugh so much. And as for Erika I think Yummy is the best one, after all she is totally yummy!!

    • hexi2008 March 29, 2009 at 4:23 pm #

      har har. the buono! photos are for you to get signed for me and the yossie ones are smexy.
      i said i’d only collect yossie ones.
      and sayu ones.
      i’ve not been converted yet dammit!

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