Hello! Blog poll result predictions

29 Mar

Second post tonight, what can i say? i’m reeeeeeeeeally bored!
babysitting is not fun.
especially when i have to wait until like 1 or 2am before my boyfriend gets back so i can go to bed.


the western H!P fanbase seem to be going pretty mad over this year’s Hello! Blog poll. Like last year the results are everywhere you turn: on blogs and in forums and i’ve been looking through peoples’ blogs and polls results and i’ve decided to see if i can predict the top ranking members.

i have to say i wish last year’s poll was still around for me to do this year as i hardly had any idea which members from berryz and c-ute were which.
i just ranked them as “the ones who i knew vaguely” first and then “the ones i find cutest” after.
i hardly even knew which members in Momusu i liked over the others because i was still sulking about the Yossie graduating-and-being-replaced-by-junjun-and-linlin complex i had going on. so i wish i could still do that. my favourites change slightly each day i think though…… in anycase…….

have a feeling that the top 3 or 4 members are going to be:

Takahashi Ai: Unfortunately for me, lots of people like her. yes i know she can sing the hell out of Koi ING and she can dance pretty well but i find it hard to see past the smug aura around her that ruins it all for me. it’s like she has a big fanbase and she KNOWS it.

Konno Asami: KonKon has been rating fairly high and frequently in many people’s results and at first i was taken by surprise. then i remembered that she has a huge fanbase because she’s cute, funny, she eats food and does it slowly and she’s super smart and down to earth. she’s like…… the super smart girl next door who is really pretty so you’re afraid to talk to her but you still can’t help spying on her when she’s in the garden sunbathing.

Yossie: Nice to see she’s ranking so high. Yossie FTW! keep voting people.

Eri/Gaki: they both seem to be ranking pretty high. which is pretty good cause they’re both awesome so there’s no problem with that. XD

So those are my predictions for the top few. probably not in that order. but still up there somewhere.



3 Responses to “Hello! Blog poll result predictions”

  1. yuu March 29, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    ai chan havin a smug aura??!!!i totally dun agree to tis…^^; if saying the truth, in morning musume, she the one who doesnt give people the feeling of i’m very famous…she basically let the others shine more then her..look back on those tv shows..she always stand behind those member quietly and let the others talk..till now still the same..so i dun tink she is proud of it..and see what they other junior member talks about her, there’s nothin bad..and when people praise her..she always deny that she is good..

    • hexi2008 March 29, 2009 at 4:21 pm #

      just my opinion dude.
      we all have things we don’t like that others do and i’m afraid Ai is that one for me.
      i’ve not liked her since the start when she joined momusu so it’s not without knowing her character either.
      i just think the way she acts and looks at the cameras, especially on stage, is quite smug.
      she’s good at alot of things which is good. talent is a good thing to ave but to me it’s like she’s good at everything and knows it all too well.
      just my opinion. we all have them


  2. yuu March 29, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    hahaa..yea..personal opinion too..no hard feeling..=)..
    to me, the way she acts and look at camera give a total different aura when she is off stage..^^..imo..she look kinda dumb when she is not performancing..^^;..
    btw did you listen to the latest radio show she appear with Junjun and Linlin..basically i more agree to what the host have say about her eye when she performancing on stage then to being smug..hehex..

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