30 Mar

There are sooooo many things i want and i just don’t have enough money to buy them…..
but by the time i get around to remembering i’ve alreayd bought too much stuff!

my current wishlist:
A Yossie shirt (i still need to find one but hey)
Sayu’s Love Letter and Alo Hello! PBs
Sayu Platinum 9 Disco tour phone strap, name towel and photo towel.
Mittsi P9D phot strap and towel
Morning Musume P9D photo set (i’m just referring to Platinum 8 Disc/Disco and P9D now)
More Mittsi stuff!
2009 Wonderful Hearts and Elder Club DVD set
Elder Club graduation DVD set (pre-ordered)

Chibi Vampire volume 9 onwards
Fruits Basket volume 22 onwards (Pre-ordered)
Lucky Star Manga volume 1 (pre-ordered)
Twilight DVD (pre-ordered)

Skull Candy ear buds
Portable DVD Player
New DS (my screen is bwoken 😦 )

see? it’s just way too much for the amount that i have.

was hoping i’d be able to get out and see the Platinum 9 Disco concert but my friend i’ll be staying with won’t move out to japan with her husband for a while so i have to suffer. shame. everyone looks teh smex.

Hope everyone will be wearing black tommorrow.
Elder Club leave. Y_Y



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