Another sad day…..

31 Mar


this is the day…..

the day, ladies and gentlemen……..

……that the elder club officially graduate from H!P…….

I hope you all wear black or something.

I’m running out of posting time as i’m actually about to run off to work.
but as a quick no-one-really-cares update: I just bought the Mittsi and Sayu P9D phone straps from OHta. i was obsessing over them and my addiction to phone straps and couldn’t let myself not get them. plus, ohta says it’s ok to wait until the 16th of april to pay him.

it’s a long time to wait but i don’t get paid until then so i can’t do much better. plus they all get collectively ordered at a certain time anyways so it’s not like they’ll be arriving that late anyways.

ooh HelloProLand gave some cute new W photos in………

it’s so cool how he updates everyday practically.
it’s always nice to see new stuff. >w<

anyways, off to kill annoying singing birds outside my window now.

We love you Elder Club!


2 Responses to “Another sad day…..”

  1. Erusa March 31, 2009 at 11:31 am #

    sad day indeed.

    I watched 2009 Winter Elder Club’s concert last night (regular version, not the Yokohama final concert). And today I’m Y_Y
    I search frantically for posts on how sad a day this is, and no one seems to care T_T
    Ahh, I can’t wait to buy the special graduation concert DVD, with the reunion of all H!P. I still can’t really get my mind to accept that Ayaya won’t be in H!P anymore, her and Nacchi totally owned that concert. Ahh, and I can’t accept that the old MM. generation won’t be doing stuff together anymore. What will happen to them? And take Konno for instance, she hasn’t got a powerful voice, she probably won’t be starting a solo career. So what’ll happen to her? IshiYoshi still have Hangry&Angry. But the others? Ahh, so sad Y_Y

    I’ll spend the day watching “All for one and one for all” PV.
    Good luck with the future, Elder Club!

  2. paul.thomas March 31, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    It’s a sad day for H!P, with the Elder Club gone. But at the same time there’s that promise for a bit more from both sides, which excites me so much! My fingers are crossed that we’ll be seeing some amazing (and more frequent releases) from those Elder Club members.

    When you’re done with the birds outside yours, don’t feel like taking care of mine? They start singing at about 3am and just won’t shut up 😦

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