Ramblings of a bored person

31 Mar

that’s it.
i’m officially bored.

i have nothing to do….
well, actually that’s a lie. i have a pattern to make into a toile, i have part of a tail to sew on and i have feet hands and faces to practise for uni as well as my room to tidy among other things.

but can i be bothered to do them?
i’m actually very tired which might be part of it though….

in anycase.
today was a boring day too.
delivery again.
i really hate delivery days
they’re slow and boring and make me sweat.
and i don’t like it.
although the upside to working in a petshop is that i can talk to the animals when i walk past. which is an up point i guess. ><

This morning i bought the Mittsi and Sayu phone straps from Ohta.
i already posted about this but i didn’t post how much it would come to.
a while ago i was debating whether or not to get the Sayu phone strap that helloproland have but decided against it because it was too much money and i didn’t really like the design all that much. so what do i go and do?
i go and buy 2 phone straps of a better design but for more money than the other one.
2 phone straps have cost me almost £60.
that’s how crap the exchange rate is.
i can’t believe i did that. but at the same time i can’t help it.
i really do love phone straps.
i have a collection of them.
should probably stop though, cause i can only fit like 2 on my phone at the same time but still.
i should just stop spending money….
but mittsi and sayu look soooooooooo good!

Today was the graduation of the Elder Club.
I’m so sad!
I just hope they all get onto new projects asap.
i wore all black today (although i have no choice because that’s our uniform colour) but with a purple hair tie in my hair for yossie.
hope now that this hullabaloo is all over H&A get around to releasing they’re new single….. i’m so buying it!

I was reading Strawberrie’s blog tonight and she said that Eri was getting to voice a new anime character in new anime Jewel Pet so i checked it out. and it looks like a half decent anime. better than KiraRevo by far!
The characters a cute and the art is nice. The animation is good and although the concept isn’t entirely original it looks like a pretty good anime over all.
Hopefully i’ll be able to watch this. i’m looking forward to it!
it looks a bit like an overly cute Pokemon mixed with Pretty Cure…… mixed with “Puppy/Kitty/Pony in my pocket”
In anycase, i’m looking forward to seeing more of this anime.
it’s about time that Eri got a project like this. i think she’ll do really well.
Ganbatte Eririn!



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