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Amulet Dia is finished!

27 Apr

I am finished!
My master piece is all done. and i am so proud!

This cosplay was such a joy to make! it was so fun and i’m looking forward to Koharu’s Chance! dress. no doubt it’ll be harder!

So i was hoping that today i could take some photos of my cosplay with the nice weather and things but noooo. it had to rain. ¬_¬

royally pissed off i was when i woke up.

but i decided to take a photo of it wall together on my stand.

minus the humpty lock. i forgot it.

so there we have it. the entire outfit. you can see my wig and headset up on the shelf behind it:


ta daaaaa~!

I’m so proud.

I’m going to make a Bag to match to carry around with me so i’m not carrying a massive clashing bag. ^^

If anyone has any Questions about this cosplay and would like some tips then don’t hesitate to contact me! i’ll be more than happy to help.


Apparently i promised to do some Sewing tutorials a while back and i’m waiting for some feed back on what i should start off with so please expect some of those soon too. ^^
Drop me a comment if you want to reccommend one. ^_^

So i finished the wig yesterday.
i got a bit fed up with the pony tails moving out of place when i put it on, and also for the centre part that covers the netting at the back coming off and flopping down, and i didn’t want the kirby grips to be there permanently, so i figured that i probably won’t use this wig again for a different style and so took the glue gun to it.
just using teensy blobs here and there to hold the pony tails in place has really done it’s job and i’m much happier.
it also means the hair won’t bounce around and flop out of place while i’m dancing too so that’s a plus! ^_^
i think the ends need trimming a lottle so they don’t tickle my shoulders as much but other than that i’m really happy with it. ^^

Expo here i come




24 Apr

ELder Club grad DVD is here!

Hells yes!

THE DVD of this month i think

please don’t mind if i appear in tears.

it’s not my fault!!!!

I’m now off to watch it. they’ve already started “Ame No Furanai blah blah darou?” !


Who the F*CK styled yossie hair??

who the F*UCK let the stylist get away with it?????????

10 minutes later: she still looks hot though…… *drool*

5 minutes later: Ohtani has some meat on her huh?

10 minutes later: Marippe really has got an outstanding singing voice. Tanpopo really is an awesome song. ❤

3 mins later: YAY! Mako!!

2 seconds later: YAY! Kemeko!!

1second later: Yay! Yossie! f*ck me she is so amazing. gah. BABY! Koi ni Knockout needs to be longer!

ever notice there’s always the same woman yelling yossie’s name at concerts??????? she’s the ULTIMATE fan! she’s there at EVERY filmed concert yossie is in!
seriously, listen out for her. she’s there in alot of the recent concerts.

1 minute later: isn’t that the same hat ayaya wore at Aibon and Nono’s grad concert???????

5 minutes later: YAAAAAAYYYY!!!! NONO!!!!!!

10 minutes later: aww watching ICM struggle with japanese is so sweet. i’d be crying if i was in PeiPei’s place. i’d have cried from embrrassment! XD

Suki na Senpai: Any one else realised this is the 2nd time that the gokkies have sugn this song at a grad concert and it’s because the same 2 members are leaving….. again……. weird much???

5 minutes later: OMG Kaorin has a dead flamingo on her head!!! a whole one!!!!

Koko no Iruzee: it’s so nice to see them all just basically pissing about on stage. it’s nice to see smiles when there’s so many tears to come! Y_Y


Love Machine: and Missti has adead swan stuck to the back of hers. lol!

5 minutes later: Ayaya looks good in yellow: that poor canary……….

10 minutes later: *sniffle* it’s sad. but a teary Yossie is so Moe.

My masterpiece is finished!

22 Apr

Today has been a good day.
I finished my cosplay. YAY!

it’s all done.
all i need to do is recieve and style the wig and just touch up a little bit on part of it and finish the headset. but other than that i am DONE!

so happy! it looks awesome and fits really nicely too.
I put the entire thing on today and tested it out and if it can withstand the harshness of the Shugo Shugo Dance, it can withstand the harshness of a crowded con centre.

i’m really proud of it.
i need to take some decent photos of it but for now here is a few bad ones that will have to do.




yay! ^_^V

SO yeah. other stuff right now, I’m totally lovig Momusu’s new single Shouganai Yumeoibito!
It’s really nice and easy to listen to!
It’s just the right amount of slow and quick and it’s nice to get rid of the Synthesised “Dah!” sounds that were so present in the last couple of singles and Onna Ni Sachi Are.
it sounds a bit like…….. Mikan……. mixed with……something else i can’t put my finger on.
but i like it,
it’s good.

I’ve turned Genius on in iTunes….. Taking it for-fucking-ever to contact apple and stuff.
it’s really slow.
i’ll be surprised if it can find anything about my library at all. it’s pretty obscure. wander if Apple will even register that it’s music??
lol! in any case, it’ll be fun to see what gets grouped with what.

been doing all the application form for my Student finance today.
my brain hurts….. why do they ask sooooooo many questions?
it’s a bit silly but vitally important so i guess i’ll have to put up with it. XD

listening to Tsurupettan right now.
I haven’t done a “Song of the day” in a while so this will be it.

Song of the day: Tsurupettan – Touhou fan song

it’s awesome and hyper. and Maria Stole the Precious Thing is fun too.


Amulet Dia coming at the speed of light!

20 Apr

So the progress for Amulet Dia is coming along swimmingly! about time too!

i wasn’t happy with the skirt bodice, sleeves or legwarmers…. so pretty much the entire thingso the other day i visited fabric land and bought some new fabric to play with like i said.

Decided to post some photos as i have now completed the dress apart from the collar and also the sleeves.

first i started by un-picking the bodice from the boob part and also taking the skirt off. then i cut it to the right length and re-cut the pattern pieces. then i put all the pieces together and did all the pleats and tucks right this time before sewing them to the top leaving one side open.

then i un-picked all the pleates from the skirt and cut more fabric for that and sewed it over the top before putting all the pleats in again and ironing them flat.
then i atatch the skirt to the bodice again leaving on side open.

then onto the sleeves. way too see-through, so i unpicked them and added for fabric to the inside of them before sewing them shut and adjusting them to my proper arm width.
originally they were going to be attatched to the dress but that would have left me with limited arm movement so i decided to do a Shugo Chara Egg! and just double side-tape them to my arms instead. ^^

after all that i sewed the zip into the dress and also attatched the wings into the back.
the good thing is with the extra layers of fabric it makes the skirt heavy which will counter balance the wings up top. also, the top of the bodice is quite tight so it’ll stof the dress from riding up during the day. ^^



For the HUmpty lock i bought a big-ish padlock and some heart shaped gems. i couldn’t find any gold ones so i bought silver.
at first i decided to scrape the silver off the back and paint them gold which did work and looked ok but after hunting around i dcided it wasn’t good enough, so i used the left over hearts with silver still on instead.
for the setting parts behind the hearts i used model magic painted gold and the the bit at the front that looks like an anger sign is the same.
the keys to the padlock came on a split ring and i used that on the loop of the padlock so when it’s strung on the ribbon it’ll hang straight.


So here is the whole cosplay together. minus the sleeves.

and collar.


My wig is on order too. and i’ve almost finished the headset.
just needs a couple layers of paint and details.

the wig is a long one which will be pulled into 2 low pony tails and pinned up into the right syle. the hair is long enough to cover the bands at the bottom i think so it should be alright.

^_^ almost finished!!!!!

The one with the half finished cosplay and the gaping hole

18 Apr

Today i got my fabric to finish off m cosplay with. yay!
i’ve been unpicking a whole lot of my cosplay that needs fixing and things which took a little while but i’m happy i did it.
i will feel much better about the whole thing afterwards.

the strange thing is that i’ve got exactly the same fabric and everything but the new stuff feels like….. plasticky. it’s weird. it’s odd, the other stuf is soft in comparrison. i guess that it was treated in a slightly different way to the last lot i got. weird.
oh well.
no one will know unless they stroke me. O.o

Been troubling over some private stuff recently.
a problem with my boyfriend against my best friend and i’m not going into details but i’ve been left with this horrible hole in my chest.
i miss him so much (they’re both guys which is probably part of the problem). more than i thought possible. but it’s not the loss of him that makes me worry, it’s the thought that even after this is over and i have my freedom and independance back, he won’t consider me a friend anymore.
i hate that i hurt him so much and i can only hoe that he’s too pissed off at me or at the other guy or even at the situation as a whole that he doesn’t hurt as much as i think he does.
i just want him to be happy. which wasn’t happening for either of us while we were still there for each other.
but you know who you are.
and if you DO still read my blog, which i doubt……. i just want you to know that from the very bottom of my heart and with my entire being, i am sorry.
for absolutely everything.
and for all that you feel and felt for me.
it did neither of us any good, even if i did reciprocate those feelings for a while.
so i’m sorry.

boy…… i sound like a bit of an idiot talking to myself.
if you’re just reading this at random, please ignore my emo monologue just then. ^_^

please look forward to more cosplay updates. ^^

My own cuddle list and “Are you SURE that’s not Rika?????”

17 Apr

So i’ve been reading around and in true Hello!Blog and Morningtime style, they’ve both posted their own versions of Wotaku now’s “Cuddle list”. a fun twist on the Hello!BLog poll and if there’s a member rating to take part in, i’m right no that bandwagon.
So in true Radio Hexi style, her is also my own “Cuddle List”

Number 1:
Yoshizawa Hitomi – i’m sorry what was that? so typical of me? the girl is drop dead gorgeous! of COURSE i want to spend a while in the early hours of the morning cuddling her!!

Number 2:
Ishikawa Rika – yes yes yes please. she just looks so huggable. *Gyu*

Number 3:
Suudou Maasa – same point as Rika. she’s like a teddy bear! not in a KumaBear way though.

Number 4:
Ogawa Makoto – Caus i luffles her. she really is adorable in her own Mako way. Abso-mako-lutely.

Number 5: Mittsui Aika – She has the face of a cat. but i can’t have a cat cause i’m allergic. so Mittsi will have to do.

Number 6: Michishige Sayumi – her skin looks like it would feel like…… like……. like……… something lovely soft and squishy. memory foam? no? ok no.

Number 7:
Tsuji Nozomi – ok so she’s technically not Tsuji anymore but whatever. i stille :heart: her and want to keep her.

Number 8:
Suzuki Airi – How could i skip out on my favourite Buono! girl?? i can’t so there. she’s adorable and i want to!

Number 9: Youko (Lightbulb) – Youko wasn’t in my original H!P ranking but she was going to be if she wan’t over taken by Nono and a few others.
she just looks really huggable.

Number 10: Fukada Kanon – she’s like a little doll! especially in that adorable Amulet Clover cosplay. in a totally non-sexual way: yes please!

Hmm: my list once again seems to differ from the guys’ ones.
Mainly because i am female! and although i swing that way, apart from Yossie and possibly sometimes Rika, i don’t think of the girls in H!P like that.
I’m a good perv.
For example, my list doesn’t include Yui, Erika or Saito Hitomi. they all have……. large assets though so i can see why at least 2 if not all 3 featured in they boys’ lists.
well done for that guys. XD

So i was watching the 10th anniversary Natsu Matsuri Summer H!P concert today and while watching the song Tanpopo performed by Gaki, Marippe, Rika and Ayumi i was looking at Rika going “who does she look like?????2 and then it hit me.
With those wings and that flowery thing on her head, she looks almost exactly like Mercedes from Odin Sphere. she even has her hair tucked behind her ear in that cute wat to make her ears look all pointy.

00000rikaSorry for the awful screencap. ^^”


Such a cute cosplay. would love to make it one day.


Guess what just made my day????

17 Apr

That can wait my friends, that can wait. XD

I’m currently eating a Ramune flavoured lollipop!

anyways, in other news, Buono!’s newest signle PV has been released on Hello! Online
This single is still just as awesome as when i first heard it and i’m not afraid to say that i love it either.
All the girls look good (Airi especially) and i’m really liking this new voice of Momoko’s.
It’s just so nice and…… there.
and so Momo but so not at the same time.
Airi is of course the star of this PV and i don’t care if she’s shunned to the left all the time.
Miyabi is still….. Miyabi. *shrug*

yesterday i paid for my 2 phone straps from Ohta.
it came to nearly £60…… I’m very……. shocked at myself.
i love phone straps but never thought i’d spend THAT much on only 2 of them.
but i know i friend who spent £50 on just one keyring before now so i guess it’s better than that…….. *cough*

Also a quick thing before i start on my excellent and amazing news that totally made my week (considering it’s been pretty crap the past couple days):
There’s a friend out there who i need to apologise to from the bottom of my heart.
You know who you are and i don’t know if you’d still read my blog or not but i’m just so so sorry for everything that’s happened.
I just want you to know that i’ll be keeping this blog up to date mainly for you, so you know how i am.

I’m sorry.

And with that gloomy not over and done with:
onto my great news.

So a few months ago i got in touch with Iceymoon over on and asked her to do me a favour.
Because it’s been looking fairly unlikely recently that Hangry and Angry were coming to the UK when i could afford it, i asked her if she wouldn’t mind trying to get my Hangry and Angry shirt signed for me.
She very kindly obliged and i got an email from her today telling me that she’s sorry she couldn’t email back but she’s been very ill (get well soon icey).
The bad news was that people were limited to only 1 item to get signed per person but the good news was that she joined the line again.
the great news is she got it signed
and the amazing, fantastic news is that Yossie thought it was “sugoi” an Rika said something along the lines of “honto ni kawaii”!!!!!

So not only have i got shirt that has been signed by the two girls (even if it is signed hangry and angry) i also have a shrit that the girls and been in the proximity of and have TOUCHED!
so i am waaaaay psyched to get this shirt back now! >ww<

and that is my news.

Off to town tommorrow to get some fabric for my nearly finished cosplay! yay!!!! finally!!